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Greg Olsen's wife Kara Olsen

10/07/2012: After a segment many of us saw on ESPN, we learned that Greg and Kara are expecting twins. While still in utero, one of the twins has been diagnosed with a heart defect which will require significant medical attention both during pregnancy, and immediately after birth. TJ (a name already selected for the child) is set to undergo multiple surgeries for the condition, including one very close to his birth. ESPN cites sources indicating a 70% survival rate for children born with this condition.

Olsen went to Twitter to thank fans for the support after people learned of the condition, saying:

"The outpour of support my wife and I have received after today's piece has been amazing. We appreciate it all. Special thanks to the families who reached out to share their experience with HLHS. Our son will be a fighter. Thanks to u all."

Greg Olsen's wife Kara Olsen has been around for quite a while. Greg and Kara met in 2003 while Greg was only 18 years old. They married on March 21, 2009 in Palm Beach, FL, an extravagant wedding that was attended by multiple NFL stars including Jon Beason and Drew Stanton as well as many of Greg's teammates including Brian Urlacher and Devin Hester.

Kara squared off against Greg's teammate Desmond Clark in an ESPN Magazine segment "For Love or the Game," which pits player's wives against teammates to find out who knows the player best. In an impressive showing, the woman who's been with Greg since the age of 18 demolished Desmond in nailing all 5 questions correctly.

Kara enjoys golf, and is reportedly a high end realtor in Chicago.

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2 Responses to “Greg Olsen's wife Kara Olsen”

  1. tiffany clark

    the olsen family is in my prayers

  2. Jerri Jorgensen

    Hi Kara. Wow our family can really relate to your journey with HLHS. My grandson Atley is having his 3rd surgery the Fontan. He is in the hospital now at U of M. He's done very well and is such a gift to our family. Prayers are with you and your sweet family!