Christian McCaffrey’s Girlfriend History


  1. pscheck2

    I think the whole article is wishful thinking! It’s common practice in the NFL to get so-called bachelors hooked up with a GF from the get-go! I think it’s because of their paranoia that rumors might start if it is shown that the player is single and keeping his private life, private! Just wait he will be doing the PDA thing with said GF and then there will be the announcement that they are going steady! (I could list several icon players that this has happened to, so this is not idle speculation.)

  2. Hannah Hadley

    . She’s nice and all but I totally think she’s overdone their so called relationship. I think that she’s making a bigger deal out of their relationship than he is. As you can see from the evidence, they’ve known
    each other or for this case have been “dating” for quite some time now, and he hasn’t posted ONE picture of her……..interesting ?
    But I personally adored his high school girlfriend, she was truly a sweetheart.

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