Cam Newton’s girlfriend Hazel (Kia Proctor)


  1. Nina

    When one fall I’m love it’s indeed a connection that one can’t explain. She is super gorgeous. Who cares who he.chose to love.

  2. Ernie

    There’s only one thing I don’t understand – and this doesn’t apply to just Cam.

    Why do so many young people today decide to have a child BEFORE they marry? And then, of course, some of them never marry but just go their separate ways.

    Not a Racist. Just don’t understand!

  3. rebecca

    i dont see her as attractive…yikes….everyone is different…(of course I’m how would i know) its sad to me that our society does still have children out of wedlock and live together without marriage. I’m sorry bc i really like cam newton and the panthers..and I’m not predjudice and it can happen to even white or chinese or anyone..but it does see that many in the african american community seem to go down this path almost without exception.. i would have expected more out of cam newton..considering his abilities..and education. i dont believe in living together. i wish he would have tired harder to break the cycle and be above this. just as i would expect white or chinese or any other ethnic group (especially if talented..with education and ability) to be above the culture in our society that seems to think its okay just to live with someone…im sorry but to me it is never normal..or acceptable…just because everyone else is doing it. we should all have more respect for ourselves.. and she should have more respect for herself than to be with him without being married.

  4. Charla1atl

    No need to marry anyone these days., just because both wanted to have a baby…marriage is good only when ready. I think ladies can have baby when ever they ready and the time is right, married or not. The question is why do so many men have babies when not married?

  5. chris

    It trips me out as you look through the media how once again you can’t be critical of any black person or immediately they start whining “racist”. HE comes out with racist comments and yet the media supports him and carries water for him. America is so stupid. I had respect for his play for a minute but now to me he’s just another whiny black punk like the rest.

  6. Beverly Briscoe

    A lot of wealthy athletes are just foolish. They don’t get it, although it is seen almost daily. Many women latch on to them, have a baby, and they are set for life financially. Although it’s not just wealthy athletes. There are many women who scout out men who are basically “good, nice” men, to just take care of them….this is seen almost daily also. I’m sure there are men who may do the same thing. This is just my take on the situation, because I’ve seen it happen too often.

  7. okcam

    Wow! I love you Camp
    But for you to go and fall in love with a stripper. She really did her job well to get you and then get a baby too. You could have probably had any really decent female celebrity to shine by your side. I understand your age but we see which head you were thinking with..Now she’s posting three quarters nude.Yes beautiful young lady and nice body, Hopefully h=r modeling won’t embarrass you or little Chosen in the future. I’m disappointed in your choice but it your choice with a beautiful blessing. Let’s hope the past don’t haunt and ruin. Good luck in your future. I still love you. #1


    My opinion is this, 1st and foremost,
    We all have our opinions. ..and we all know what we refer to them as ….
    ‘An opinion is like an a**hole, we all have them’.
    2nd; I’m a STEELERS FAN myself, I just think, to each his own. Ms. Kia, may be the most sweetest, honest woman ever, and because of her Pryor employment, Ms. Kia is being judge, stereo typed ,whatever you want to call it. If Cam is happy, Ms. Kia is happy, who are we (as in the other people who left comments )
    To throw stones? Worry about your own glass house , before you throw rocks at someone else’s. Signed as,
    A Nurse, employed by a hospital in Ca.

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