04/23/13 (Updated)

Torrey Smith's girlfriend Chanel Williams

Torrey Smith has spent his entire life in the Baltimore area, having grown up in Stafford, VA before heading off to play wideout for the University of Maryland Terrapins. Prior to last Sunday night's game, Smith went from a popular sleeper in fantasy football leagues to a name known across the country after the death of his younger brother, Tevin Chris Jones. Smith went on to have a career game in prime time against the Patriots less than 24 hours after his brother's passing, and the world fell in love with the PPR stud.

We acknowledge the tragedy of Torrey Smith becoming a household name; both in the events surrounding his rise to fame, and the fact that it took this tragedy to get there. Over the past few seasons, Torrey Smith has evolved into an incredible possession receiver and a prime target for the increasingly efficient Baltimore Ravens offense. Smith has put together campaigns worthy of being a household name. As Torrey Smith's celebrity hasn't fully exploded yet (but all four of us here think it will by season's end), there's not much known about Torrey Smith off the field. And in this NFL, it's probably for the best that you've never seen his name on police blotters or arrest reports (unsurprising considering his degrees in criminology and criminal justice). Sadly for our purposes, this lack of information extends to Torrey Smith's dating life as well.

We don't know much, but as for Torrey Smith's girlfriend Chanel Williams, here's what we do know: Smith and Williams were dating at the time he was drafted, and there are various pictures floating of the two celebrating the fact that he was drafted to a team less than 50 miles from home. Thankfully for Torrey, it appears that Chanel is still his girlfriend, so he was lucky to have someone at home to help him through this incredibly difficult personal tragedy. The two are still together at this time, but beyond that, there's not much else known about the couple.

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7 Responses to “Torrey Smith's girlfriend Chanel Williams”

  1. Jesse

    This dude is now off the market. He posted a picture of a engagement ring he give to Chanel this afternoon on his twitter account.

  2. Monique

    Peace, blessings and a long life together to Torrey and his bride to be. Congratulations!

  3. tiarra

    ms willams is my tacher and she's at dogwood and my name is tiarra

  4. Fatima Askew

    Hello to you both, you don't know me but this is a plead for help.
    My son Peter Jessup Jr. is a senior at Towson University who's
    in love with football and in desperate need of an internship. If either of you are able to assist it would greatly be appreciate. Best wishes for a healthy relationship.
    Thank you and God Bless

  5. Pat OX

    Baltimore Ravens fans know that Torrey is engaged. We love to watch him catch & run for a touchdowns. We (Ravens fans) also know he & wife to be do incredible things for the youth of Baltimore. Thanks Torrey & much luv & happiness for you both.

  6. Goodwell

    That Pollard woman need to change pics. She look like a beaver with those two front teeth . Look like she want some logs to roll build or bite on, sorry but true. Change pic girlfriend and hide your teeth.

  7. Kelly

    Nice to see he is with a normal looking girl and not some instagram wannabe.