Terrell Suggs wife Candace Williams


  1. Matt

    I had lunch with them last week at the “Ivy” in west hollywood last week and they seem to be fine. Nice couple.

  2. Zaida

    Yup…. They’re together!!!!!!! Saw them last night at a Longhorn Steakhouse, in Kissimmee FL. Let’s just say she’s not a classy chick AT ALL (my five year old behaved better than her!)

  3. Shanell

    Zaida shut the hell up you don’t know her personally. Your 5yr old might be more behaved than you!!! Your not God so don’t sit your happy ass up on your own weak pedestal to talk about someone whom you’ve never sat down and spoken with.They are together very much in Love.You probably some thirsty ass groupie!!!

  4. shantell

    his baby momma is a hoe and dirty ex stripper that has slept with half the ravens. He is crazy but keeps her around for his kids.

  5. shantell

    his baby momma is a hoe and dirty ex stripper that has slept with half the ravens. He is crazy but keeps her around for his kids. she is ghetto and trashy. money can buy you a make over but it doesnt by class.

  6. auntie

    Awe shantell. Shantell shantell shantell u must be one of those women who still believe the husband is gonna leave his wife for you well if you hadent learned by now they never do men say any and everything to get into some VAG and it sounds like to me you were one of them its okay we all play jumpoff sometimes but don’t get mad at her and call her all these names Tisk Tisk Tisk you know better than that shantell and I know men celebrity men at that and boy let me tell ya if she slept with half his team he would not have given her that big ole rock on her ring finger so maybe you should check your facts because a mans ego is everything and if she indeed did that there’s no way he would still be with her and engaged oh yeah and shantell its 2011 people don’t stay together for kids n e more

  7. Laughing My Way To The Bank!

    Candace it’s clearly you posting as “Auntie”. GIRL. your MAN fucks everything with two legs! Ask his security guard and his so called “assistant”. They share in on the action as well! All those condoms aren’t around for no REASON babes! HA! YOU A STUPID HOE!

  8. shantell

    lol no but I know several ladies out here that he messes with, and lets be clear everyone knows that candace is the ho3 that broke up his marriage by being a jumpoff haha so funny , you protect that trash because its either you or your family but she is a 1$ stripper and yes she has been with multiple ravens in her past, and you are right no one stays for kids anymore, its cheaper to keep her trashy self around then to pay her monthly haa so sad… how these strippers come up in life by being JO’s as you say and ruin families and then expect to be treated better somehow… so sad

  9. gemrdar

    it is amazing to me how athlete’s & entertainers who are at best normal looking go out and pursue people who would not give them the time of day if they were not rich and have excel in their careers.

  10. macy


    Terrell needs to FEED this poor girl– She is so bony and gangly. Looks strung out or something– WHY are her legs like a couple of ragged toothpicks??

    Is she a Tranny?

  11. JB

    Candace is a nice person. She use to strip down Norma Jeans her stage name was Redz. She looks skinny in those pics but she looks great naked, has a soft butt, and can dance her butt off. I know the crew she was running with would have sec for $ so it is very possible that some former ravens have been wit her, some regular dudes done been wit her. Suggs is from Ariz. so he prolly dont really know about her past plus he use to stay in the strip clubs. I remember when she was stayin in a one bedroom apt wit no clothes so she done come along way. Plus celebs n ballers ain’t hangin out at Walmart n the library… Their all at the strip joints. No hate here, do your thing Candace. We miss you down Norma’s thou but you don’t ever have to strip again… Live that good life.

  12. VG

    WOW! it just amazes me how these athletes will actually marry someone with a sordid background instead of a decent hardworking woman who has lived her life as not to bring shame to her name or her family. Actually, I don’t care how much money someone like Suggs has..i wouldn’t look his way; he is hedious. And, what in the hell is wrong with his skin? And, why is his ass bigger than the average womens? Those who are willing to degrade themselves and lose their self=respect for the almighty dollar will cry many many tears in this life. Grew up in a home with an abuser and it was horrific. The abuse doesn’t stop with the wife, it will be extended to the kids. God help her for marrying her abuser.

  13. Anonymous

    Well i met candace and talked to her and she is the most down to earth oerson i ever met i have a lot of respect for her so no use to hate on her because she been blessed she is wounderful and that is the facts

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