Ray Lewis’ Girlfriend, Mother and Children


  1. Tyrone Durr

    Nice picture Ray you know i’ve known that you were more than football player there is thi.gs that you speak about that gives people motivation i’m extremely proud of you and my two sons are always asking when you come to lakeland can they meet you I seem to aleays miss you I tell Ray if one day you know you gona be n lakelsnd could you give me a call please that will make they day my number is 863-440-3354 tyrone and again congrats on.your career man you it like no else llove ya bruh7



  3. Jamie

    Typical fake Christian with no morals. 6 children by 4 women. No marriages. No sable family for those children, who most likely will do the same as him. Barely evolved beyond an animal in the woods, so sad. Yet, because he is a professional athlete, people revere him. Even sadder.

  4. Jesse

    Typical fake Christian with no morals. 6 children by 4 women. No marriages. No sable family for those children, who most likely will do the same as him. Barely evolved beyond an animal in the woods, so sad. Yet, because he is a professional athlete, people revere him. Even sadder.

    Typical retard who has no clue what he is talking about. Sound right, bud?

  5. jennie

    Typical fake Christian with no morals. 6 children by 4 women. No marriages. No sable family for those children, who most likely will do the same as him. Barely evolved beyond an animal in the woods, so sad. Yet, because he is a professional athlete, people revere him. Even sadder
    For goodness sakes, lf you want to blast someone please learn to write Jamie!!! Are you saying; he is an imposter as a christian, with several mothers for his children, without a stable environment in which he raises them? This maybe true except for several reasons; he is active in his children lives, an assest to his community, provide very comfortable lifestyles for his family while keeping a humble attitude. You speak like a immature jealous child but if you were raised right you would know no-one is perfect, and if HE were no-one it would not even matter enough for you to comment on him because you would care less… Keep on hating because we need you haters in the world, it motivates us!!~

  6. Scatter

    Yeah, everybody seems so caught up in Stabby Stabberson’s NFL victory lap that they forget about the 2 men he left to die in the streets because of Ray and his thug friends.

    Let’s see………6 kids by 4 women (none of whom through benefit of marriage, 2 dead men, a true Christian role model for sure. This is indicative of the class of moral misfits who live like animals and think they can re-make Christ in their own image.

    Ray’s “Christianity” condones sex outside of marriage, having children out of wedlock, double homocide, and goodness knows what else. Wow, Jesus has really evolved, huh? Morons.

  7. charles

    6 children, 4 woman, Who’s cares. Double Homcide Who care. Jamie get a life and get over some one else private life, unless you will step up and take care of the kids and woman. Taity you need to think before speaking.

  8. Geneise

    First comment is the jackass Jamie, who r u to judge this Ray, he’s a man with a real life like the next man. What’s ur life about put ur business out there for the public to read about. Ray is’nt a shame of his life or what he done n his life. So what he has 6 kids or 4 mothers to his kids I bet he take care of every damn one of them. He done so much for Baltimore that’s why he has a street with his name on it. So get ur self a life before u past judgement on anyone. God has bless Ray that’s why he has came so far n life. Keep ur head up Ray keep doing good things that u do, we will miss u on the field next year, but never forgotten. Go on with ur life, rise those kids to be good successful man and women like u. There gonna be HATER no matter what u do, so keep doing u an ur family! LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!

  9. Robert

    Jamie, are you a woman scorned? Or, are you a jealous man? Either way, you need to grow up. People don’t love Ray Lewis because he is perfect. They love him because despite his short comings and bad decisions he is a very genuine, caring person on the field and off. Unlike a lot of athletes today he loves his family and has done everything in his power to provide for them. He forgave his father, who left him as a young child. He is actively working on the relationship with him because he needs it and his kids need it. You have the nerve to call him a fake christian, are you a true christian. If you were you would love your neighbor(Ray Lewis).

  10. Aly

    Supposedly he has recently been married to a mystery woman, and has had a child with her.. I have no idea if these rumors have any merit. Maybe his young child was another reason for him to retire? Idk!
    And Scatter and Jamie: enough with the “fake Christian” talk. Most Christians have sex before marriage, it just so happens that he had children with people he was in a relationship with. It’s not like having kids is a sin, sex is the sin and MOST people have sex before they’re married. Using birth control and not having children as a result of premarital sex doesn’t make anyone a better person or a better Christian role model. Here’s what matters, he takes care of his kids, he’s a great father, and supports his childrens mothers! I’d say he’s done a pretty good job with Ray Lewis III. After all, his son is already more successful than you, or I will probably ever be! And your “murder” accusations have no evidence or merit, so get over it.

  11. pebbles

    People who comment about Ray being a christian obviously don’t know what a christian is. It’s about forgiveness you idiots! Ray is a humble man who made mistakes…he who is without sin let him cast the first stone. So those haters must be perfect…NOT they’re just jealous. Thus man turned his life around and has a testimony that he has been sharing to help others overcome. No one can judge another person. This fan loves you Ray! May God continue to use and bless you. Go Ravens!

  12. Joey

    I really don’t care how many kids Ray Lewis has hds with how many women, and whether or not that makes him a “Good Christian,” which, to me, is a oxymoron. But I’m fairly certain that Lewis’s religion has a commandment that goes something like “Thou shalt not kill,” and he’s broken that one at least twice to date.

  13. Mac Daddy

    Sorry, a humble man does not do such a ridiculous dance like he does before the games. He strikes me as a very selfish human being and unfortunately more typical of athletes these days. The adulationshis and praise he gets as a football player is way out of line….start looking to police officers, fireman, clergy, and our veterans if your would like some inspiration. His involvement in an unsolved murder case is undeniable. Just another thug as far as I am concerned who has a very long way to go redeeming himself in the eyes of humanity! He may well provide financial support to his wives girlfriends and kids (isn’t that what a man is supposed to do? What about all the everyday dads out there who not only do that but actually love their kids and wives!) but that does not make him special or a good man. Grow up Ray, your a spoiled rotten athlete that needs to take a hard look in the mirror. Real men come in all shapes and sizes and don’t necessarily excel or are gifted at sports!

  14. Abiola

    This is to those that call Ray Lewis a murderer and accuse him of being a “Fake Christian” because of having children out of wedlock. Ray Lewis is a real example of what The Bible teaches – that if we believe in and allow God to take over our lives, we are forgiven, cleansed, and transformed into a new creature. It appears to me that Ray’s relationship with God has allowed his hardships growing up and mistakes to develop his character to humility, service, hard work, love for humanity and most of all he has become a find example for men of all races, religions, and ages. Oh, The Bible also mentions that we should not judge each other, or we will be judged by God with the same judgment!!!

    Those negative comments stirred my interested in knowing more about Ray Lewis so I found the article below rather informative about the development of Ray Lewis, from his father deserting the family when he was young, leaving him as the head of the household while still a child himself, cooking, disciplining and checking homework, of his four siblings while his mother worked three jobs to support them in the projects.

    “Man of the house Ray Lewis: The Ravens’ linebacker strives to take care of his family off the field and of business on the field, having tackled life’s hardships and now NFL stardom at the age of 23.”

    July 19, 1998|By Gary Lambrecht | Gary Lambrecht,SUN STAFF


  15. michelle

    ray-don’t you even listen to this bullshit. you and i know what a wonderful inspirational, kind hearted and giving man you are. you are there for your children and family despite being apart from them in baltimore. i used to live in baltimore and wish one day to meet you. i wish you a relaxing retirement, you certainly deserve it. you keep me positive on a daily basis, especially during rough times. continue to be a wonderful, good looking man. love ya ray!

  16. Football Maven

    Posters seem to have the wrong impression of Christianity. it is not for the perfect, but the imperfect. Much of the New Testament was writen by Paul, who was a murderer (before his conversion he openly killed Christians).

    The power of Christianity is for the sinners, the muderers, prostitues, destitute, for those who want to change their ways, its the power to be reborn, to be made new. Don’t look at yesterday, all of us have a past. What have we done since then is what matters.

    Ray Lewis is an example of a life that was heading down the wrong track, but has been changed for the better. The struggles he has endured to change his ways is remarkable, and I honor him for realizing he could not accomplish this on his own.


    I used to be one of those who thought Ray Lewis was not a good example for our children because of his past, but I became a Christian several years ago. I agree with the previous post stating that we all have a past. I’m sure Ray Lewis, just like all of us, have some things in his past that he regrets. I would like to think that Ray Lewis feels as I do, believing that my Lord and Savior Himself has forgiven me of all my sins, who are you that I need your forgiveness?? Maybe you just need to accept Christ as your Savior and you will see things more clearly.

  18. Bobaganush

    I dont believe in most organized religions but Im also not an atheist. With that said, I believe Ray is a born again. He has been adamant about his faith in recent years. He was not like this early in his career. I dont know if he is a bad person or not. But he did not have the best people as his friends/entourage when he was young. He also had kids out of wedlock. He grew up in a rough part of Florida. How many other NFL players have a similar story? I bet a lot. With all that, I believe Ray is a different person now than he was as a young man. AND GO RAVENS!!!!!!!! SUPER BOWL

  19. fredric ali

    hey ray im one of your biggest since youe hayday at the u thanks for evrything watching at the u and the nfl dont let this people bother they dont know your heart only God people read 2 cor: 5 17 if any man come to God he is a new creation all the old things are wash away evrything become new so God bless you

  20. joel

    Does anybody have any idea how much R. Lewis will be paying in child support? Can he even afford to retire? Other athletes who have retired have not had their alimony or childcare payments reduced if the judge feels he could have continued to work and make big money. I think R. Lewis needs to talk to a financial advisor.

  21. Paul

    I just don’t understand. Ray Lewis is one of the greatest linebacker’s to have ever played the game. I think he should be admired for that and enshrined in the Football Hall 0f Fame. I don’t understand how anyone would say he is a good role model. He says he is a Christian but lives the life of a fornicator. It would seem that his personal life isn’t worthy of being modeled by anyone. As usual people want to believe great athletes are also good role models outside the game. Some are but most are not. I hope Mr. Lewis does well after he leaves the game. I would guess not but we will see. Wes Welker’s wife should not have said what she said but she made a good point.

  22. Joe

    I would bet that in a very few years after retirement Lewis will be broke. He has no skills outside of football. His style will never work as an announcer or broadcaster. Like T.O. all those mothers will be hounding him for money.

  23. james

    Fake christian he’s one of the very reasons why I stop attending ch{{urches to many fakes like Ray Lewis.{FAKE,FAKE,FAKE.

  24. Jerome

    Hey Ray what a job u did man! You really brought football to Baltimore. My lady has lupus so she knows the pain! I wish you luck and always know you got a seco nd birth place which is Baltimore!!Luv u man!!! BRING THAT RING HOME BRUH!!!

  25. Jerome

    Oh yeah Ray ask all those haters what r they doin with their lives! They on here talking about u! If they had a life they wouldn’t b on here hating!! Joe James Paul & Joel

  26. Jo Jo Dancer

    So what if he has a street in Baltimore named after him? and good for him that he is helping people. But the fact is 2 people are dead and Lewis was indeed involved. His status and money got him off. He settled 4 years after teh fact with the 2 dead men families. Teh white suit that Lewis was wearing the night of the fight that caused the death of these 2 men, was never found. It was allegedly blood stained and dumped by Lewis. at least one iof teh dead men had a small daughter (she was not yet born at the time of teh killing) and Lewis ended up paying her off 4 years later. Imagine that it was your parent that was killed. Womder how you would feel about Ray Lewis? We judge Lewis as a Christian, because it is he who wears his religion on his sleeve. He talks about getting a direct mesage from God and that he’s God’s son and all that, as if God don’t like the other team. If he did not bring God into teh conversation, we would not point out that all this Godly talk is from a man with 6 children from 4 different women, none of whom he married. What kind of Godly image is he as he claims. If it was not for football, Lewis would have been in jail. Period!

  27. Louis

    Just cause someone proclaims himself to be a Christian, does not make one! Please he is not a Christian by the most minimal standard

  28. Blessed

    No one has a heaven or hell to put any of our souls in for eternal life, for that I am extremely thankful, especially based on the postings. There were many scriptural references above, for and against Mr. Lewis. For all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. Indeed, his wealth may have been influential in averting serious jail time. There are hundreds of men, and a few women, who have committed crimes, equally egregious without serving one minute in jail. If one’s Christianity is dependent on atoning for moral or criminal transgressions as decided by the court of public opinion, then no one on earth should enter the doors of any house of worship. I’m not certain if Ray expressed the want or need to be someone’s role model. I myself have children, and hope that I am all the role model my children need. The first amendment gives us all the right to free speech, but not the permission to espouse a lack of intelligence. If you have a disagreement with how Mr.Lewis’ life has turned out, make sure you vocalize just how much you dislike some others who are revered in history books and folklore and media. As a Christian, one should model their life after Jesus the Christ, where Ray spends eternal life will be determined by God and God alone. I believe it wise to reserve judgement on our neighbor’s life after professing the Christian walk, and let’s concentrate on helping to save our neighbor’s life who has yet to commit to living the life as a Christian, you just may be the inspiration needed. As far as a child born out of wedlock, which life is better? Having them grow up in a home resulting in divorce or not having them grow up in a two-parent home from the start? After all both are sins…..

  29. Melanie

    I couldn’t make it through all these comments, after reading through a few horribly ignorant people’s ridiculous rants. All I have to say is, “homocide”? Really, Scatter? Go back to school.
    All of you judgmental people need to get over it, and get over yourselves.
    We love you, Ray Lewis!!

  30. Jeani

    From the most available footage I’ve seen Mr. Lewis at different family functions and get together. I didn’t take an over-all head count of the children or their mothers. So I guess the first positive element I notice is that Ray Lewis is very involved in the lives of all his children. As long as he remains a very strong dominate fixture in the lives of all of his children while the parents get along and be adults when making decisions which will affect the entire Lewis crew. Love and respect seem to lead Mr. Lewis quite well on and off the field. God Bless Ray Lewis in his next chapter after super bowl 47 victory.

  31. know history

    GO JAMIE & TAITY! It takes moxy to tell it like it is. For all the dolts who defended Ray – why don’t you shut up! Jamie is right – he is nothing more than a pseudo-Christian. And don’t pull that “forgiveness” routine. Tell it to the families of the two people (only 21 & 24 yrs old when they lost their lives). It IS NOT about forgiveness or redemption – IT IS about the fact that he is a good football player. If that were you or I, we’d be in prison for life! There have always been two sets of laws in this country … one for the rich/famous/powerful/celebrities/sports heros/etc. & the other for the rest of us. It not about being a “hater” (great slang – try some other word loser) it is the way things are. It’s idiotic people like those who defend a pig like Ray who perpetuate & proliferate the two sets of rules. Start holding these criminals responsible. And buying big homes for your kids to live in or being photographed (for publicity purposes) is NOT providing a stable home environment for children. Children need both parents (mother & father) in the home raising them – and that bit of advice is the recommendation of every study done regarding the BEST environment to raise children in. As far as his “girlfriend” Tatyana staying with him … of course she is – he’s her money train. What kind of Christian woman has not one but three kids out-of-wedlock without marriage – that’s just DESPERATE! How pathetic. The old get knocked up to hang on to the guy trick. Women do this all the time with professional athletes with no regard of the harm this does to the children produced from these relationships. People – STOP thinking about your love of sports heros & think about the kind of messages we are sending to our kids. What so sickening is that it is adults that are defending these bad athletes (I would expect that from children whose frontal lobes are not completely developed).

  32. Jimmy Quade

    Ray has done a tremendous job living the life of stereotypical black man (ni….) and it is very obvious that the people defending him are ignorant blacks mostly women continuing to be dumb asses. How many fatherless blacks have to be brought into America before the madness stops.
    Abiola, Pebbles, Geneise, Taity……Hmmmm wonder if they are black ? you think

  33. Lady Bee

    @ Jimmy Quade … How many fatherless children were born out of slavery? Not by black fathers but the white man who raped their mothers and then denied the children. This is and will forever be the past, present and future of America’s history!!!

  34. fan_of_steel

    Ray Lewis is a tremendous athlete and one of the best inside linebackers of all time. Being a great athlete does not automatically make one a role model. Ray presents himself as a great christian role model. Before this can be truely considered he would first need to be open and honest with the murders he was involved in. There has been too many inconsistencies in his account to assume there is any honesty.

  35. JP Whittaker

    To Jamie and Jesse,
    Had to address these comments. What exactly do you think Christianity is all about? The only sinless person that ever walked the earth was Jesus Christ himself. Let’s take a walk through the Bible. Noah was possibly an alcoholic, Moses needed anger management, Paul who wrote the majority of the new testament used to kill the same Christians he ended up leading, and Peter who walked with Jesus himself, claimed to not even know Him when times got rough. There are no perfect people in the Bible nor in life. Christianity is not a collection of people who never made mistakes. Its a group of people who recognize their faults and know they need help to do better. You guys have some history that you are not proud of as well. The difference between Ray Lewis and you is that you aren’t famous. Church is not a collection of saints, its a hospital for sinners. We all are trying to do better. Ray Lewis obviously has and I pray that you guys can understand that God can accept you inspite of your faults too. Jesus came so that we could have a relationship with God inspite of our faults. If not for that, NO ONE would qualify for that privilege.

  36. Ashley Charleston

    How many of you all have never made a bad decision in life. If you know the Bible, especially the Old Testament, you would know that the one’s that were closest to God were the one’s who sinned: David had the husband of Bathsheba killed, Noah was an alcoholic and so on. Ray Lewis is not perfect, and neither is anyone on this blog: therefore, NEXT. You are already commenting on him and not the other way around. I love you Ray.

  37. Marjorie

    I wish the people who write comments on the story knew how to express themselves with proper spelling and grammar !

  38. Ms Alvaraz

    Ray Lewis youngest child, son name is Ralin, the mother’s name is Sharnika. They met in Baltimore.Hopefully he’ll find a wife one day.

  39. sandra


    Since your football career is over now I hope you find peace in your life and enjoy your children. Whatever happen in the past let it stay in the past. The only way that you will heal is to ignore the comment of what happen and move on. You can’t relive the past, you did your time. I wish you and your family peace and happiness. Now when you start dating make sure the lady that you choose will respect you as a man and not athletic and will cherish your children as if they are her own. And love your mother the way you do.

    God be with you

  40. Yocheved

    Only GOD can judge you. Keep your head high and your heart towards your God, getting your instructions from HIM, knowing that when you fall down HE helps you up. Only HE knows the intentions of your heart. What about David of the Bible who had thousands of women and also conspired to have Bethsheba’s husband murdered, while he had an illlicit affair with her, yet many people find comfort in reading the PSALMS of David of the Bible. God used an imperfect man to show us that we cannot figure out the mind of GOD. It is too high for you so be quiet. The same judgementt that you measure out to others will fall on you. Be still and quiet before God and clean up around your own front door. Every person that serves GOD is not Christian and from how apparently self-righteous many are, who is rushing to get into this kind of religion/relationship? To you, you brother’s keeper?

  41. Lore

    Mazel tov and much love to you and your family. May God continue to abundantly bless and trust you with prosperity. Do not look to the left or the right. Have eyes like an Eagle focused on the one who brought you to where you are and to where you are going. Keep blinders on like the race horse, seeing the finished line. Some one said: “If I stop for every barking dog, I will never reach my destination”. I think it was Joyner-Kersey.

    Much love
    Much peace


  42. Andy

    Ray lewis is a murderer and if someone calls him a murderer tough shit paying off the families of the victims and making a plea does not change what you have done. Get over yourself

  43. Pyee

    Let it go already. The man plead guilty to Obstruction of Justice. Innocent until proven guilty. No one has proved that fact yet. Yall going on and on about his kids, his baby momma’s, his religion so da fuck what. It’s his life and nobody has to live it but him. None of yall know what this man may be going through in his day to day life. You should never throw stones if you live in a glass house. Let that man bem damn. If he was involved he did what he did now it’s time for yall to move on. And yes I have been in the place of those family and in order for me to move on a had to forgive the taker of my brothers life so that I could get on with my life so I know how it feels but harping on it is not gonna change anything.

  44. dino

    America seems to be going south to me, are the glory days all but ended? Steroid Ray
    wired roidily, eyes popping, zonked out for only the hit and all the Romans in the stands say slay the b-stards. All people can be redeemed with enough money behind them.
    Being from Canada I’d really like to say the opening ceremonies and the anthem singing was a real joke. Why would anyone want that women singing your anthem way off key barely recognizable as your national song, a real disgrace and must just heart breaking for all Americans. Forget your unholy flourishes and sing it straight up, understandable and inspiring to all. A national disgrace is what it was. And the half time show another bouncy, bouncy jig fest of nothing. No wonder most Americans are so discouraged with the state of affairs.

  45. Theresa

    Andy, get over yourself. You have NO IDEA about which you speak. Unless you were actually in the Limo I wouldn’t be so sure about calling Ray a murderer. He paid the families of the deadbeat loser, drug addicted guys with the GUNS that shot up the limo with bullets to make right about the obstruction. He did obstruct the police because he denied everything initially. He definitely panicked and didn’t do the right thing. That is far from actually killing in self defence (or not) Those families are living quite nice on their deadbeat kids who left their homes up north to live the “drug dealer” life in Atlanta (by the way one leaving a pregnant girl while at it). Do some research and see that this was just a barroom fight that got out of hand. Even the police knew Ray didn’t actually committ the murders but they used him as leverage because of his notoriaty. He did testify against his “friends” who had knives and did use them, but the entire jury said it couldn’t be proven if it was self defence or not. What do you think. They went there to kill some people. Get over yourself. Unless of course you have actual information about the killings, in which case I suggest you call the Atlanta PD.

  46. will

    I do not deny that Ray is a believer in Christ. As for his lifestyle as a professing Christian, his testimony becomes hindered because of the murder case as well as him having relationships producing children our or wedlock. That was why Saint Paul wrote “let not sexual immorality be once named among you” (Ephesians 5:3). The best for the professing Christian is to “abstain” from sexual behavior until one gets married to their husband or wife the way God intended from the beginning (see Genesis 2:18-25; Matthew 19:1-8; 1st Thessalonians 4:1-8). These things being said, God forgives when believers in Christ do fall short, but it should not be a reason for men and women to abuse the grace of God that provides salvation from sin. If one does have relations out of the boundaries God has set for believers, they should immediately repent (change their mind), speak to their pastor who is firm but loving in showing them from the Bible how their behavior contradicts the teachings of Jesus and His Apostles, e.g. (Matthew 5:27, 28; Mark 7:20-22; 1st Corinthians 6:9-20), and let the healing begin from their past life of sin to a renewed condition of Biblical Holiness in Christ and spiritual life!

  47. Abby

    For those accusing Ray of murder, please explain why those southern white prosecutors let Ray walk. It’s not as if they haven’t prosecuted innocent black men or that they were so impressed with a black football player. Most people hadn’t ever heard of Ray when the crime occurred. He was a 4th year football player in Baltimore… hardly reason for southern white prosecutors to let him walk. And why aren’t people angry with those same prosecutors?

  48. Linden tucker

    Sad that accomplishments PLAYING A GAME are diminshed by LIVING LIFE accomplishments. True Christianity is honored through a man be married to a woman and together they exemplify a Godly family.

  49. F The HoCo PoPo

    Jamie, why even focus so much emphasis on the whole christianity thing. Everybody knows religion was invented as an excuse for people to stay rich. Jesus Christ is no more devine than Bernie Madoff. I only care that Ray Lewis and the Ravens continue to win games. I could care less where he sticks his dick and who he nutts in and who he has kids with. I could care less about religious critiques on the man because lets face it. Christians are crazy delusional nutjobs anyway. I know Ray and alot of his teammates sadly happen to follow the same track but hopefully they will see the light

  50. Dave McGarry

    We all believe that women..you are the backbone to us husbands. Thank you for that. I started a non profit called care for a cure which is the only trademarked charity..Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s. Our Ribbon is pink and Purple to stand for Breast Cancer and Alzheimers awarness. We need help in research and to help the ex-players down the road. (Look at Bob Mackey..who’s wife is the head of the NFL Huddle to bring awarness.) All of the women who get breast cancer all should be checked early enough so they can get it all…not because they can’t afford it. This is what we want to do plus bring awarness to everyone through our ribbons and AWARNESS. If you have any suggestions please feel free to shoot me an email. Good luck with the next chapter of you and your familys lives. Dave

  51. Boner

    If all you dipshits want to forgive ray for all the awful things he’s done and the way he abuses his supposed relationship with Christ to suit his own agenda because you think that’s what God wants you to do, go ahead. Don’t pretend that you know the mans heart though…don’t claim he’s humble, changed or a true Christian…every indication is that he is not. He’s a sanctimonious, self-aggrandizing drama queen who manipulates the media to distract folks from his murdering, man-whoring private life. Ray is garbage…get off the losing team, folks.

  52. Patrick

    Boner, are you suggesting that you know something that the federal judge who dropped charges on him didn’t… ?? Really???

  53. Anne

    Ray Lewis is one of the most beautiful men God ever made. Just gorgeous.
    I believe he is a committed father and is striving to keep on the straight and narrow.

    Stay strong Ray. I loved watching you play football, and hope you get the job with the Commissioner’s office.

    Pray daily, Ray.

  54. Ms. Cherry

    God took the worst people and made them into saints. Ray was never proven to have committed murder and lets just say he did do it, God is the ultimate judge not man. God forgives all! I think Ray has done a great job working hard to becoming a successful man without a father figure and growing up in a bad area. No one can judge another and many wish they were able to acquire the success he has and overcome all the challenges he has overcome. He is a strong warrior in which he has proven time and time again and regardless of what people say he has proven himself to be a great legend. The facts are no matter how you feel, he was not charged of a murder crime, it is him that has to pay for his sins with God and no one else and no man can judge another. So get over it! He is rich, gorgeous, strong and successful and I for one am very proud of his accomplishments and triumphs!

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