Ray Lewis’ Girlfriend, Mother and Children


  1. Lore

    Mazel tov and much love to you and your family. May God continue to abundantly bless and trust you with prosperity. Do not look to the left or the right. Have eyes like an Eagle focused on the one who brought you to where you are and to where you are going. Keep blinders on like the race horse, seeing the finished line. Some one said: “If I stop for every barking dog, I will never reach my destination”. I think it was Joyner-Kersey.

    Much love
    Much peace


  2. Andy

    Ray lewis is a murderer and if someone calls him a murderer tough shit paying off the families of the victims and making a plea does not change what you have done. Get over yourself

  3. Pyee

    Let it go already. The man plead guilty to Obstruction of Justice. Innocent until proven guilty. No one has proved that fact yet. Yall going on and on about his kids, his baby momma’s, his religion so da fuck what. It’s his life and nobody has to live it but him. None of yall know what this man may be going through in his day to day life. You should never throw stones if you live in a glass house. Let that man bem damn. If he was involved he did what he did now it’s time for yall to move on. And yes I have been in the place of those family and in order for me to move on a had to forgive the taker of my brothers life so that I could get on with my life so I know how it feels but harping on it is not gonna change anything.

  4. dino

    America seems to be going south to me, are the glory days all but ended? Steroid Ray
    wired roidily, eyes popping, zonked out for only the hit and all the Romans in the stands say slay the b-stards. All people can be redeemed with enough money behind them.
    Being from Canada I’d really like to say the opening ceremonies and the anthem singing was a real joke. Why would anyone want that women singing your anthem way off key barely recognizable as your national song, a real disgrace and must just heart breaking for all Americans. Forget your unholy flourishes and sing it straight up, understandable and inspiring to all. A national disgrace is what it was. And the half time show another bouncy, bouncy jig fest of nothing. No wonder most Americans are so discouraged with the state of affairs.

  5. Theresa

    Andy, get over yourself. You have NO IDEA about which you speak. Unless you were actually in the Limo I wouldn’t be so sure about calling Ray a murderer. He paid the families of the deadbeat loser, drug addicted guys with the GUNS that shot up the limo with bullets to make right about the obstruction. He did obstruct the police because he denied everything initially. He definitely panicked and didn’t do the right thing. That is far from actually killing in self defence (or not) Those families are living quite nice on their deadbeat kids who left their homes up north to live the “drug dealer” life in Atlanta (by the way one leaving a pregnant girl while at it). Do some research and see that this was just a barroom fight that got out of hand. Even the police knew Ray didn’t actually committ the murders but they used him as leverage because of his notoriaty. He did testify against his “friends” who had knives and did use them, but the entire jury said it couldn’t be proven if it was self defence or not. What do you think. They went there to kill some people. Get over yourself. Unless of course you have actual information about the killings, in which case I suggest you call the Atlanta PD.

  6. will

    I do not deny that Ray is a believer in Christ. As for his lifestyle as a professing Christian, his testimony becomes hindered because of the murder case as well as him having relationships producing children our or wedlock. That was why Saint Paul wrote “let not sexual immorality be once named among you” (Ephesians 5:3). The best for the professing Christian is to “abstain” from sexual behavior until one gets married to their husband or wife the way God intended from the beginning (see Genesis 2:18-25; Matthew 19:1-8; 1st Thessalonians 4:1-8). These things being said, God forgives when believers in Christ do fall short, but it should not be a reason for men and women to abuse the grace of God that provides salvation from sin. If one does have relations out of the boundaries God has set for believers, they should immediately repent (change their mind), speak to their pastor who is firm but loving in showing them from the Bible how their behavior contradicts the teachings of Jesus and His Apostles, e.g. (Matthew 5:27, 28; Mark 7:20-22; 1st Corinthians 6:9-20), and let the healing begin from their past life of sin to a renewed condition of Biblical Holiness in Christ and spiritual life!

  7. Abby

    For those accusing Ray of murder, please explain why those southern white prosecutors let Ray walk. It’s not as if they haven’t prosecuted innocent black men or that they were so impressed with a black football player. Most people hadn’t ever heard of Ray when the crime occurred. He was a 4th year football player in Baltimore… hardly reason for southern white prosecutors to let him walk. And why aren’t people angry with those same prosecutors?

  8. Linden tucker

    Sad that accomplishments PLAYING A GAME are diminshed by LIVING LIFE accomplishments. True Christianity is honored through a man be married to a woman and together they exemplify a Godly family.

  9. F The HoCo PoPo

    Jamie, why even focus so much emphasis on the whole christianity thing. Everybody knows religion was invented as an excuse for people to stay rich. Jesus Christ is no more devine than Bernie Madoff. I only care that Ray Lewis and the Ravens continue to win games. I could care less where he sticks his dick and who he nutts in and who he has kids with. I could care less about religious critiques on the man because lets face it. Christians are crazy delusional nutjobs anyway. I know Ray and alot of his teammates sadly happen to follow the same track but hopefully they will see the light

  10. Dave McGarry

    We all believe that women..you are the backbone to us husbands. Thank you for that. I started a non profit called care for a cure which is the only trademarked charity..Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s. Our Ribbon is pink and Purple to stand for Breast Cancer and Alzheimers awarness. We need help in research and to help the ex-players down the road. (Look at Bob Mackey..who’s wife is the head of the NFL Huddle to bring awarness.) All of the women who get breast cancer all should be checked early enough so they can get it all…not because they can’t afford it. This is what we want to do plus bring awarness to everyone through our ribbons and AWARNESS. If you have any suggestions please feel free to shoot me an email. Good luck with the next chapter of you and your familys lives. Dave

  11. Boner

    If all you dipshits want to forgive ray for all the awful things he’s done and the way he abuses his supposed relationship with Christ to suit his own agenda because you think that’s what God wants you to do, go ahead. Don’t pretend that you know the mans heart though…don’t claim he’s humble, changed or a true Christian…every indication is that he is not. He’s a sanctimonious, self-aggrandizing drama queen who manipulates the media to distract folks from his murdering, man-whoring private life. Ray is garbage…get off the losing team, folks.

  12. Patrick

    Boner, are you suggesting that you know something that the federal judge who dropped charges on him didn’t… ?? Really???

  13. Anne

    Ray Lewis is one of the most beautiful men God ever made. Just gorgeous.
    I believe he is a committed father and is striving to keep on the straight and narrow.

    Stay strong Ray. I loved watching you play football, and hope you get the job with the Commissioner’s office.

    Pray daily, Ray.

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