01/29/13 (Updated)

John Harbaugh's wife Ingrid Harbaugh

After John Harbaugh led his Baltimore Ravens to the Super Bowl to square off against his brother Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers, we thought it was time to take another look at this post. The facts still remain the same. John Harbaugh's wife, Ingrid Harbaugh is the steady presence at his side while he navigates the always choppy waters of the NFL Head Coaching ranks. The couple has only one child, daughter Alison, born in 2001. The Harbaugh family live in Reisterstown, MD with their adopted lab named Calabash, or Cal for short.

What doesn't remain the same are the questions that arise in the face of brothers facing off in the Super Bowl.
Do you think the John Harbaugh's wife Ingrid and Jim Harbaugh's wife Sarah Harbaugh get into the rivalry and are avoiding each other for two weeks? Or, do you think the wives have developed a therapeutic relationship with each other to handle the pangs associated with being the wives of NFL Head Coaches?
Do you think that each of the wives works on their sister, Joani Harbaugh, to get her to root for their side? And do you think the three ladies in the Harbaugh clan get together to vent about their obsessive head coach husbands Joani Harbaugh's husband Tom Crean is the head coach of Indiana, one of the top ranked NCAA men's basketball squad's in America)

All joking aside, it's an incredible story, one made more fascinating when you consider the wives angle here. One way or another, we'll see plenty of Mrs. Harbaugh come Super Bowl Sunday,... we're just not sure which Mrs. Harbaugh yet.

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8 Responses to “John Harbaugh's wife Ingrid Harbaugh”

  1. Jeanne Conner

    Hi Ingrid!

    I haven't spoken to you in so long, but I'm Ashley Conner's mom from Radnor. Just saw the piece on Bryant Gumbel's show "Real Sports" and thought of you. Don't remember if you ever met my son, DJ, who is a sports nut and was watching when the program came on. It was a moving piece. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family. Can't believe how big Alison got. Still think of you when I pass your old house in Newtown Square. If you ever come back to Philly to see KT Rinda, would love to see you. Congratulations again and hope your family is doing well. Take care.

  2. Kerry

    Hi Ingrid,

    Going through some old cards and found Christmas card with Alison's pic on it. You look Great! With the Eagles tanking in the past years, I've been Raven's best fan and now I'm more excited that Jim is involved ,too. I was going nuts last season...LOL. How is Alison? I miss my "spider" in the water.

    Best from you favorite Swim coach.....

  3. Jake

    Hey Harbaughs,
    I would like to say hi to all 3 of you. John, you're a great coach. Ingrid, u seem very nice and a good supporter to everyone. Alison, u were hilarious in that interview after thanksgiving 2011. Keep up the good work!

    Your biggest fan Jake

  4. Harvey Binroth

    Hi Ingrid,

    This is Harvey Binroth from Romeo, MI saying Hello!

  5. catherine

    hey john and sarah.. you don't know me but you know my grandparents.. but that is because we are related you are like my 3rd cousin... I have never meet you but that is because I hear you haven't been home in forever, because neither you or jim care about the family, I would really love to actually meet you..

  6. shirley platt

    what is your maiden name?

  7. Anne in Inday

    Ingrid Harbaugh is the ugliest woman I've ever seen. She even has cross eyes. What a dog!

  8. Liz Hughes

    Hi Ingrid.I was just wondering how much of an age difference there is between you and your husband John?Thank You!