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Joe Flacco's wife Dana Flacco

06-27-2011: Long time girlfriend no more, folks. One June 25, 2011, Dana Grady went from Joe Flacco's girlfriend to Joe Flacco's wife. The couple were married in a ceremony and reception in Philadelphia, near where they grew up in NJ. Check out some of their wedding photos to the right, courtesy of Jason Prezant Photography.

Prior to their wedding, the only picture of the legendary Dana Grady came from a Halloween party in 2010, when she and Joe showed up together dressed in their best Jersey Shore garb. Joe went as "The Situation," complete with the stripes shaved into his head, while Dana went as Snooki.
Without flinching, Dana is far, far better than Snooki any day of the week.

To steal a phrase from Matthew Berry, we're Wacko for Flacco.

Joe Flacco is the new face of the Ravens offense, which has consistently lived in the shadow of it's more prominent defensive teammates. With Ray Rice and Flacco on board, things may be shifting.

While he may be destined for stardom, life is calmer off the field for Joe. Joe Flacco has been dating girlfriend Dana Grady since their senior year of high school The couple knew each other before then, but first got together in their last months at Audubon High School in New Jersey. Dana has the unlucky living arrangements of inhabiting a home with Joe and his brother. Joe Flacco's brother, Mike Flacco, is an Orioles prospect, and the three all reside in the Baltimore suburb of Pikesville, MD. Seriously, imagine how rambunctious a house with two pro-athlete brothers must be... My brother and I wind up kicking each others asses when we spend a weekend in the same house together,... I can only imagine what that house is like.

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11 Responses to “Joe Flacco's wife Dana Flacco”

  1. matthew melton

    give the purple jersey hugo and julez 3lb3

  2. matthew melton

    give the joe flacco purple jersy hugo and julez sanatana 3l3 on my wall.

  3. Bud

    Hi Dana,
    \I met you at Brio last Friday and wasn't sure you were really you! I would have chatted with you longer!

  4. FAITH

    aww joe tht nice but hi lets go ravens im ur bigest fan

  5. Jesse

    I bet the sex sounds coming from Joe and Dana's room must be a great site to here for Mike.

    I find her more cute than hot.

  6. FAITH

    hey mr. mrs. flacco how yall livin wat yall been up too , joe yu did so great this year im proud of you , and da team too , ur favorite bigest fan

  7. janet

    Hi Dana, Just curious to know the name of your adorable Bulldog? I have a male named Pete. Is your Bully male or female? not looking for a date for Pete..he is neutered.
    Thanks and my best to you and Joe and the Bully!

  8. Sandi

    Hi, it was great having you two as a neighbors even for such a short time! Best of luck to you both!

  9. Lynn

    Hi Dana,
    Congratulations to you and Joe on your new baby, the Super Bowl, and on the announcement of your ne comming baby. You ans Joe are a great couple and you deserve the best. Stay close to each other because at the end of the day, it is just you & Joe.
    It might be difficult trying not to get caught up,in the media Firenze, stay close to your Roots , so you can fly on your own wings. Love to you both. AnRaven fan.

  10. thebirdsareback

    Joe Flacco is the man, he the MVP of the world, and its all thanks to you dana. Thanks for taking such great care of our guy JOE COOL. Never missed a game, never tense, always collected and cool. You must be doing something right girl.


  11. jen

    joe and dana flacco ,
    congratuations to you and joe
    go ravens