05/18/13 (Updated)

Jacoby Jones girlfriend Kimberly Harris

After a 50+ yard touchdown and a 109 yard Super Bowl record kickoff return touchdown, Jacoby Jones has become a household name in a matter of hours tonight. Before tonight, the 6 year pro spent time with the Houston Texans before coming to the Baltimore Ravens. And until destroying NFL playoff records, he was essentially known in those two cities, and extremely deep fantasy leagues across the county.

However, after his instant success, people have to be wondering, who is Jacoby Jones' girlfriend? After a little sleuthing,... we're still not sure [UPDATE 02/18/2013 - We have now verified that Jacoby Jones girlfriend is Kimberly Harris, and has been with him for at least a couple years.]. We do know that Jacoby Jones has a son born in late summer, 2012, who he talks with via FaceTime or Skype on a nightly basis. After an interview with the New Orleans Times Picayune, we know that the couple has been together for a long time, and is committed to making the relationship work with their son. Jacoby Jones mother, Emily Jones, told the Times Picayune that she had the headphones ready for the infant to wear at the Super Bowl as Jacoby Jones mother, girlfriend, and son will be in attendance.

After his performance tonight, Jacoby has a real shot at standing on the podium holding up MVP hardware. We'll see if Jacoby Jones girlfriend is on stage with him celebrating. Stay tuned.

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7 Responses to “Jacoby Jones girlfriend Kimberly Harris”

  1. Jessica

    just because he has a child by someone doesn't mean he is with the mother

  2. Britt

    Her name is Kim, they've been together for a few years now!! She a really sweet girl and very pretty

  3. Nikole

    Im getting this from my cousin who works with her. Jacoby and this girl have not been together for "years"..she has a son who is either 3 going on 4 yrs old or 4 yrs old going on 5 yrs old. He's a Jr to. She was with his dad until she started showing with "Jacoby Jr". and had him in August of 2012.

  4. Britt

    Well shows how much you know she's my close friend and yes she has a 3year old! Kim and jacoby has been together for a FEW years now , clearly you think you know her life story keep going off of he say she say I know first hand, I see the devil is busy may god bless you...... have blessed day!

  5. Fin

    Does ANYBODY get married anymore? Shacking up used to be considered low-life; now the only people who seem to want to get married are gay!

  6. sunzu

    Many men stopped marrying women, due to feminism and how predatory so many women have become. Look at the divorce courts, where women that do did nothing to help generate a man's wealth are taking half. In fact, divorce courts have gotten so bad, they are now taking MORE than half of the guy's money. Guys are being discriminated against and robbed.

    On top of that, many women think marriage is them owning the guy or the guy has all the responsibility to make her happy, while they don't have to return the favor.

    Marriage has become not worth it for a lot of people and just a piece of paper that brings more problems than it's worth.

  7. Bernadette Sellers

    Hey Sweetie, Kim I just wanted to let you know that I was so happy to see you today. I want you to keep doing what you are doing. You are still my adopted child. You are so beautiful. I read a lot of the statements and remarks. It sounds like no matter who you are with or how you live your life. Someone will be jealous or have some good and bad remarks. Keep smiling! God will keep taking care of you. Love always, your other mom, Bernadette