Derrick Mason’s wife Marci Mason


  1. sharyn

    Good Morning, Ms. Mason: I am sure you receive many requests of this type, and I am hoping mine will receive a response from you or your publicist. I am a local designer of one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted lady’s handbags and music jewelry boxes, and would like to add my collection to the Raven’s gift shop. Take a look at my website shopping cart at; I look forward to your reply.

    Presently, I am seeking women’s boutiques to represent my unique products and would appreciate referrals. I can be reached at . I appreciate the time you can devote to this email.

    Ms. Sharyn Myrick

  2. thinds

    Again, folks, we are in no way affiliated with any of the wives on this site. I deleted your phone numbers for your sake.

  3. Grace burris

    I’m an old friend of Marci and just want to say you go girl!
    You look like you have grown up to be a wonderful woman and I ‘ m very proud of you!
    Grace Burris

  4. Terence T-bone Jones

    Hey Ms.Marci Mason…It’s your Homeboy Terry Jones I love what you’ve been doing with the kids….I’ve been working with the Adults thats Mentally Challenged for the last nine years…Let me know if you need some help…(Miss your energy)…Take care little Sis…

  5. Lisa Hollis

    Hey marci your nephews and chloe’ would love to hear from you marco will b 20,Dajon 18,DeAngelo 16,Chloe’ 7. Respond when ever u free take care

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