01/29/13 (Updated)

Derrick Mason's wife Marci Mason

Marci Mason has been Derrick Mason's wife since the couple were married June 7, 1997. Derrick and Marci have 2 children, daughter, Bailee My-Lin born in 1999, and son, Derrick II born in 2003.

Derrick Mason's wife Marci is the vice president for The Derrick Mason Foundation. The foundation operates in both of Mason’s pro cities, Baltimore and Nashville, striving to help at risk and in trouble families and children. They provide interactive programs and events which directly assist the kids they aim to serve who have physical or mental challenges or face difficulties in the environment in which they live.
Additionally, according to Marci's website, she hosts a radio program called "Real Talk with Marci Mason," which blends entertainment news, pop culture updates, sports and current events.

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  2. thinds

    Again, folks, we are in no way affiliated with any of the wives on this site. I deleted your phone numbers for your sake.

  3. Grace burris

    I'm an old friend of Marci and just want to say you go girl!
    You look like you have grown up to be a wonderful woman and I ' m very proud of you!
    Grace Burris

  4. Terence T-bone Jones

    Hey Ms.Marci Mason...It's your Homeboy Terry Jones I love what you've been doing with the kids....I've been working with the Adults thats Mentally Challenged for the last nine years...Let me know if you need some help...(Miss your energy)..lol...Take care little Sis...

  5. FAITH

    hey gurl im bigest fan of drick mason how ya be doin