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Dannell Ellerbe's girlfriend Shervella Rush



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Dannell Ellerbe has come a long way. Despite going undrafted in 2009 out of Georgia, he has developed into a full-time starter and full-time playmaker for the Baltimore Ravens vaunted D.

Ellerbe has taken major strides on the field, which was likely helped by a steady home life. Dannell Ellerbe's girlfriend Shervella Rush has been in the picture since 2008 and seen him go from stud at Georgia, to fringe roster player with Baltimore, to a full-grown NFL stud.

We do know that Dannell Ellerbe's girlfriend does exist. The picture of the shoeboxes was once housed at his girlfriend's apartment. While we failed in our exhaustive search efforts to find mainstream media proof of the Dannell and Shervella Rush being together (photographed at a public event, blurb in an article about Ellerbe, etc), we will say that their social media presence makes it clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are together. They might have children together, but we are less clear on that point.

As an interesting coincidental side note: We're pretty sure that Shervella Rush is from Ellerbe, North Carolina.

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4 Responses to “Dannell Ellerbe's girlfriend Shervella Rush”

  1. Getncashash

    God couldn't have sent him a better woman to stand by his side through this incredible journey!

  2. doug

    God bless both of you. Dannell and you have worked extremely hard to achieve your goals and established such a great relationship with a balance lifestyle. I don't you personally, but I am very happy that you are such a positive force in his life. The two of you deserve each other. Life is good!

  3. dee

    they do not have children but are working on it ..

  4. Betty

    This has got to be some of the worst garbage I have ever seen on the Internet!!!

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