Dallas Clark’s wife Karen Clark


  1. Fort Dodge Police

    I am trying to find out how or if it would be possible to get an autographed football or jersy or anything we could auction off for a fundraiser that will be held during the Iowa Sate Police Assosiation being held in Fort Dodge at the Starlite Village?They assosiation is the main source of income for the Rabniers Boys Ranch and they will be raising money by having an auction during the week of the 10th -14th of Oct. 2011 Its very short notice but we thought we could try. thank yoy Lt. Matt Wilson Fort Dodge Police Department.

  2. Dawn

    I am just curious. This is not a judgement but I notice black basketball and football players with white wives and girlfriends but I have yet to see a white football or basketball player with black wife. Am I missing something?

  3. Anonymous

    Karen used to teach at my elementary school in Forest City, ia before she met Dallas. He also came to our school & said hi to us. We miss Ms. Larson

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