01/29/13 (Updated)

Courtney Upshaw's girlfriend (?) Deidra Dorsey and ex-girlfriend Kendall Gryzb

As one of the nation's top linebackers on the nation's best team, you'd think Courtney Upshaw would be a no-brainer high first round pick. Well, Upshaw's got a few red flags that are scaring away teams.

The biggest and most disturbing story involving Upshaw dates back to 2009. While on Alabama campus, Courtney Upshaw was allegedly witnessed grabbing the hair of his girlfriend Kendall Gryzb and throwing her to the ground. Both parties were arrested following the on campus fight. There was a lot of he-said, she-said at the time, and both were arrested. Eventually charges were dropped and all the ‘Bama fans rejoiced…

... WHICH Included Gryzb's father. Following the incident, he was quick to blame his own daughter. Yup, you read that right. "ROLL TIDE!". Why are there quotes here, you ask? Because it's exactly what Gryzb's father said as he left the courthouse after charges were dismissed. You can't make this stuff up.

Anyways, as the case was dropped, we need to be clear in stating that these are allegations which were never proven in a court of law. The court of public opinion is another matter, but we're only providing facts here.

Upshaw has appeared to have moved on in the relationship realm. Although there is no official verification, it appears that Upshaw is now dating Deidra Dorsey (which we discovered with some Twitter sleuthing). Deidra is a graduate of the University of Memphis who is currently enrolled in school for a second degree in nursing. Courtney and Deidra traveled together to New York City recently and the following tweet appears on her timeline:

@334Upshaw41 great interview!! I know @Im_dEE_honey is so proud of her man!!!
@PickALaneFOOL @334Upshaw41 I am very proud!!

Based on the couple traveling through the media circuit together, we expect we'll see Deidra in the green room Thursday night at the draft. If we see that, we can finally call it concrete proof we need.

We know that Courtney Upshaw has a daughter, however there is no information that we can find that identifies the mother.

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3 Responses to “Courtney Upshaw's girlfriend (?) Deidra Dorsey and ex-girlfriend Kendall Gryzb”

  1. Columbo

    It's good to see that he traded up. That white girl he was with earlier is just plain ugly.

  2. Roll Tide

    Ummm I know him and that domestic violence dispute was not how it was. He use to mess with that girl they were not together and when he started dating someone she got jealous and came to the REC and started acting up. She hit him and to keep from hitting her he pinned her up. Her hair got pulled but it wasn't intentional. He is a really good person and he loves his daughter.

  3. Real Spit

    Upshaw has multiple domestic violence dispute and there are paperwork to prove it. He is not who he seems.