Bernard Pollard’s wife Meghan Pollard


  1. Gary

    I am one of many black men who believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman and I support your views on the sanctity of marriage even though I am a gay male. I am proud of who I am because I carry myself like a MAN- nothing soft here!
    If I had a choice in the matter growing up, of course, I would have chosen to be heterosexual, but that did not happen for me. There’s big difference between a straight person taking a decision not to engage in homosexual activities and or thoughts, however rare those moments are, than from those whose orientation is toward the same sex. Certainly I am living proof, that you do not CHOOSE your sexual identity. All I knew growing up was trying hard to fight off urges and feelings for decades and finding no “out”. And now, after many years of no sexual contact, I find the attraction still, albeit not as intense as it once was, but still there just the same. The bottom line is that, despite our individual feelings and thoughts on a subject, we can no more re-define what marriage is than we can re-define the laws of gravity, electricity, etc.
    Thanks for your love and letting me vent
    To Bernard and Meghan and children: May you always be together-Keep loving and showing understanding toward one another-GOD bless you-Our Creator knows our hearts.

  2. Mike

    Hey, Pollard just got released by the Ravens. How about the Pats sign him…this was he can’t hurt them anymore.

  3. Goodwell

    They are fonies and nobody likes them. Anybody can be a hypocrite. I think they are both gay not just him. Take a close look.

  4. Goodwell

    Pollard and his companion are both fakes. God disputes same sex and to say that you are for it makes you out to be on the other side not God side. If you want to be gay then be gay but don’t try to make it a part of God’s word because God don’t condone gay marriages . And those who are not of God Do. Thank you, now go get real and then come back . Don’t argue with me grab the bible since you say you are a man of God. And if you were then you would know better. The bible explains it in full detail.

  5. Goodwell

    Pollard sorry but you are not standing behind the bible, your comment maybe, but not the bible . God dont go for that. Oh yeah He is a loving God and loves everyone. The choices we make are free willed God is a free will God so it’s up to us to follow His will and His will only and being gay is not one of them. SORRY!

  6. Goodwell

    Don’t need any, the truth is plenty enough points for me. Your points don’t count. Only God can give me points for standing by His word and holding to His truth. So ask God do you have any points. Those are the only ones that counts for anything. The world is not forever. So may God bless your eyes to be open to the truth. Don’t stay lost. Now read the word and be saved.

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