Mike Smith’s wife Julie Smith


  1. Pam McClellan Hough

    Hey Julie… just wanted to wish you guys the best in the 2013 playoffs. Did not realize you were married to Coach Smith till I read an article on the Falcons. I live in Chattanooga… 10 years now. We are rooting for you guys!

    Good luck!

  2. cindy

    Hi Julie & Mike, So proud of your accomplishments!!!!Watch all the games and we’ll be thinking of you both and rooting for a great game on Sunday.
    Love, Larry & Cindy

  3. Troy Houck

    Hi my name is Troy Houck. My dad is former offensive line coach, Hudson Houck of the Dallas Cowboys. I am writing to you, to see what your husband next journey in his life. Will he coach again in the future in the national football league. I praise his efforts on turining a troubled team around. Tell Coach Smith I said to say hello.

    Please write me back at:

    Troy Bradley Turner-Houck
    645 G Street #100-513
    Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3443

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