Matt Ryan’s wife Sarah Marshall


  1. Jay Lucianno

    You can never “do better” if you already have someone you love and who loves you the same and who is also one of your greatest friends. Nothing better than that.

  2. Melissa

    Oh my gosh you people are CRAZY! Maybe she is not attractive to you, but Matt loves her so it doesn’t matter if YOU think she is pretty or not. Also if I were a man I wouldn’t want to be with someone who is “ugly” enough to beat down on a girl you have never met! Grow up ladies.

  3. Stephanie

    No one should comment if they don’t know them. I went to high school with Sarah and she was not only a great athlete and student but she was a really nice person and a great example for upcoming girls. Looks are not everything. And don’t judge!

  4. Maine

    I was in HS with Sarah for one year before she transferred to a private school after her freshman year and she was one of the most down to earth, constantly happy…silly even..and genuine people still to this day i have ever met. I knew her as a very humble person considering how smart, athletic and very popular she was. Sarah is a very beautiful person. Her whole family is beautiful..
    Saying nasty comments out loud, esp. publicly about someone you have never met before says a lot about the person you really are inside. For that I feel sorry for you.

  5. nativefalcon

    Though if Matt Ryan has another season like 2013, the couple may no longer be welcomed in the state. Whoever is the MORON, that wrote this, Matt Ryan signed a 6 year contract and is the Falcons franchise and BEST QB the Atlanta Falcons ever have had. If the coaches and General manager get the d and o- line straight, We will get to the super bowl. Matt Ryan will get us to the Super Bowl and his wife is cute.

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