Kroy Biermann’s wife Kim Zolciak


  1. John

    He is 26. She is “supposedly” 33. I say “supposedly” because she looks closer to 43. Or 53. Or 63. She looks used and washed up. And she has 2 kids from past relationships meaning she really is big time “used”. Kroy is a FOOL! He is 26 and could get someone younger and hotter than the old and used HAG he has now. This marriage lasts a few years – if that.

  2. MzVenus

    Hey John, she has 2 kids from a previous MARRIAGE. So I guess that makes all divorcees “used”, huh??? And I’m assuming you’re a virgin, right?

  3. Lisa

    Kroy, You seem to be a really nice guy and it appears that you really love your wife and new family.I wish you both the best. Kim is a beautiful lady and her daughters seem to really love you both. Keep the fame in perspective, save your money, honor the Lord and you all will be just fine.

    Tell Kim to cut back on some of the cusing its not very becoming for a wife and mother. Peace and Blessings to you all!

  4. Phyllis Goodson

    I love you on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I think the other ladies should give you some extremely due respect. (especially NeNe) I’ve watched you since the beginning and I think you’re a very loving, giving person and of course you are beautiful. I hope to someday be able to buy atleat one of the wigs in your wig line. They are just gorgeous!! As are you and I wish you the best of luck with your new baby on the way and of course with Krory and the rest of our family.
    Thank you for listening to me let you know how most of the viewers feel.
    God bless you, Krory, your adorable son and the new baby.
    Much love and respect….Phyllis Goodson

  5. kim zolciak

    i agree with a previous chat your beuatiful Kim just keep the cursing down especialli in fron of your girls and little c.j it’s not very becoming.I tell you what you make the show you have a beautiful body,pretty face i’d want to hold on to Troy cuz he is a hottie with you to together whoop what a score.Fan of atlanta housewives.

  6. Georgia Sweetness

    Hey Kim,

    I have enjoyed you and the mystery surrounding you on the RHOA. You deserve true respect that I don’t believe you get from the “sistas”. You are truly a “RHOA” and have a beautiful family. I wish you much success.

  7. Debbie

    Hey Kim
    watch rhoa ….love the show (also watch dont be tardy)
    The wraps you do is only losing water weight visit my website sell a body wrap, all natural……a detox, breaks up toxins you drink
    lots of water so it tones tighten and lifts. Also great vitamins….would
    be great for Kroy.

  8. honey47

    Hi Kim,
    Love you and your family I’m the biggest fan of your T.V. show don’t be tardy. When will season3 air? I watch it over and over and see how your love muffin kroy treat you and that way a lady suppose to be treat. I know you got a lot of hater out there now when you see them say HELLO HATER.I’m glad you left the RHOA it time. God bless you with the love of life. keep him love him and hold him clos to your heart.

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