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There seems to be a developing trend of reality TV contestants (is that what they're called?) jumping from one star or athlete to another. A woman who only goes by the name Cashmere, originally earned her fame by being on the VH1 show, For The Love of Ray-J, which we're assuming is a poor man's version of Flavor of Love. Cashmere apparently liked her time with a famous guy as shortly after the show ended, she was rumored to have been hooking up with San Francisco 49er's Tight End Vernon Davis.

The two split earlier in 2012, and Cashmere did what she did best,... made a quick jump to another superstar. This time, we're hearing that it's Falcons DE John Abraham who might be calling Cashmere his girlfriend. Rumors are flying that Abraham and Cashmere hooked up earlier this fall, but have no further information if they're still together (or honestly ever were)

We'll admit upfront that this story has virtually nothing to do with John Abrham's girlfriend Cashmere, but it's interesting nonetheless. The NFL's active leader in career sacks had a strange arrest in September of 2012 when he was arrested for refusing to leave the scene that had been roped off by police. Atlanta PD had sectioned off an area where a woman was threatening suicide by jumping from a building when Abraham was asked to leave. After refusing to leave the scene, he was arrested, booked and released on $7,000 bond.

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