Ryan Lindley’s Wife Lindsay Lindley


  1. Beach Bum

    AMAZING that one of the darkest-skinned wives on this site is married to a WHITE dude. (Sigh). What is up with Negro men? Are they really THAT thirsty for all things non-Black? Ryan finds a beautiful, educated and accomplished woman – who happens to be Black – while ‘brothas’ date bottom-of-the-barrel chicks like ‘Snowphat,’ etc. Good grief…

  2. Teresa

    Great point. Black men are just so blinded & I’m afraid to say, just plain dumb & it doesn’t matter how poor or rich they are. They really don’t see a WHITE faced gold-digger coming & a WHITE woman will BETRAY him if she doesn’t get her ends (money). Thanks to the daddy’s that put them up for free for all-to-grab but NOT ALL black men like anything that’s not black but there’s plenty of them that do. It’s a beautiful thing that these two met & now are together as one. There are a lot of celebrities that date outside their race. I love interracial couples especially WHITE men & BLACK women …. Wow the numbers are definitely on the rise. Congratulations you two, doesn’t really matter what we think anyway but more love to you!! Bc WHITE on WHITE is too damn boring. We need color & BLACK is so beautiful but which ever the sex may be BLACK+WHITE= a beautiful thang!!!!!!!

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