Patrick Peterson’s Wife Antonique Peterson


  1. Brian Paterick

    Mrs. Peterson:

    Congrats on pursuing a career in medicine. I am a board certified emergency physician and Subspecialty boarded in Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine. I have a company called Oxysports Medicine of which a driving line of service is treatment and prevention of Traumatic Brain Injury in athletes. I have information I can forward for your review. I am looking to speak to the Arizona Cardinal organization about the potential of incorporating our hyperbaric treatments to all players who have the potential for TBI. I believe our treatments could be a life changing development for current players and their futures. Let me know if I can forward you some further information for your review. Thank you for your time. Go Cardinals.


    Brian Paterick, MD

  2. Beach Bum

    WOW. Now THAT’S what’s up. Amazing that these players align themselves with whores and harlots when so many decent, intelligent – AND beautiful – women abound. Look at this woman! Beautiful, smart, supportive – man, ain’t NOBODy more attractive than a beautifuul, smart and supportive spouse. i hope more athletes – especially Black athletes – give due consideration for other women like Antonique and stop enriching ‘exotic’ video vixens and stippers!

  3. Queen Pearl

    They said right only misspelled. It should be called playa’s wives. Because anything they ser attractive to their eye their going to go after.

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