03/19/15 (Updated)

Larry Fitzgerald's girlfriend Brooke Stewart

You ever find yourself feeling bad for a professional athlete?

I suppose 'bad' is relative, as it can't be all terrible to be a multi-millionaire celebrity in peak physical condition in the prime of your life. But still, Larry Fitzgerald is a transcendent talent stuck with terrible quarterbacks and a revolving door of coaches, coordinators and teammates. Fortunately, has some level of calm off the field thanks in large part to Larry Fitzgerald's girlfriend Brooke Stewart.

Actually, let's backtrack that for a second. We do not have confirmation that Larry and Brooke are dating, but have found a number of items linking the two, including a Pittsburgh radio host going on air with this information. The best indication we've ever found about Larry Fitzgerald's girlfriend is that he began dating Brooke while attending Pitt where she played basketball. Brooke does follow both Larry Fitzgerald Sr and Jr on Twitter, retweeting a message sent following the passing of Larry Jr's mother.

Brooke Stewart is a VIP Server at Pure Night Club in Las Vegas, and was in the running for the title of SpyOnVegas' Sexiest Server. In her biography, Brooke recounts her funniest story from working in Vegas:

Just moved to Vegas, started working at Pure. First table of the night was celebrating a birthday, the head of the table asked me really nicely for party favors. I frantically went around the club looking for New Years Eve's novelty party favors. Came back with novelty party favors, the look on the guys face was confused. When I asked what's wrong, he replied this is not the party favors I was looking for. Unfortunately had to have him removed from the club and I learned really fast what that was.

There were rumors, which have been all but debunked, that Fitz got married this offseason. We'll keep an eye on the left ring finger to see if anything shows up. Until then, let's file this one under,.... maybe.

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10 Responses to “Larry Fitzgerald's girlfriend Brooke Stewart”

  1. ummm NO

    this is so bogus ! He did NOT get married in the off season and is SINGLE

  2. Old news

    All of the info in this post is old and irrelevant but the article was just published . They broke up.

  3. TRUTH


  4. PRO-HO

    He's wasting his time with this one.

  5. WRONG

    He broke up with her. Nothing was mutual. He doesn't want her to be a mother to his kids because she's not wife material.

  6. WRONG

    Nothing was mutual. He broke up with her. He didn't want her to be the mother of his kids because she is not wife material.

  7. Anonymous

    brooke stewart is so damn sexy


    He broke up with her so she posted him on thedirty.com

  9. Honestly speaking

    These guys are soooo stupid. They all are being used just for their stats.

  10. Beach Bum

    (Sigh). I guess dreads are NOT an indication of consciousness...

    Can't believe his name-dropping dad didn't school him to the game run by these cleat-chasing gold diggers. Papa should spend less time bragging about the access afforded to him by his son and spend more time teaching Jr. to 'wrap up' so as not to surrender countless million on "child support." Where's the benefit in covering the NFL for umpteen years if you can't/don't pass along lessons learned/observed to your son? Geez...