Frostee Rucker’s Wife Danielle Rucker


  1. Patty Day

    They have been together for over 7 yrs and married for almost 2 I would say if she was trying to trap him with a baby that would have happened way before now! Maybe just maybe they are wanting to start a family all you haters get a life

  2. Patty

    Also, Danielle is an educated hard working girl who is quite capable of taking care of herself and has never worked at a pub “Stanley’s” this mis information is so unfair to her. Danielle will be the best thing to ever happen for Frostee.

  3. .

    They have NOT been together for 7 years. He was with Laurie in 2009/2010 and had a girlfriend after Laurie. Danielle was always the “best friend” on the sidelines that wanted to date frost simply for his fame and money and he eventually just settled for her because he knew she would continue to allow him to cheat on her and she would always turn her eye. And they don’t have kids because he knows she wants to trap him.. let’s be real. She’s a gold digger and even HE knows it.

  4. Guest Star

    Not sure a baby is a “trap” since he already married her.

    It’s too bad that harmony between blacks and whites seemingly occurs when the Black person has money…

  5. IKnow

    Get a life f**kheads!!
    I happen to know her family has plenty of money and don’t need his.
    Reading this shit makes me laugh at the poor jokers of this world.

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