Carson Palmer’s wife Shaelynn Palmer


  1. Carina Flynn

    You believe in Carson. As a life-long Raiders fan (and nearly a USC alumnus myself…I picked Boston U over USC ?!?) so do I. I can’t wait for the 2012 season. You have a beautiful family and one super-talented QB for a husband. Just win baby!

  2. Bob Harrison

    Hi,my name is Bob Harrison I’m a Pastor with Calvary Chapel Chino Valley Az . I’m a big fan of the Cardinals and Carson your husband please let Him and team know That I pray for them every game keep them safe and to play the best they can, may God bless you and yours this Christmas.

  3. Lindsay

    My son is a huge fan of Carson (I as well especially when he was in Cincinnati). Anyway I thought this may be the best way to get in contact and say that my son who is 8 would be more than thrilled to have your husband come to his birthday party this year (AZ Cardinals is the theme). It would mean the world to all of us for this opportunity. We appreciate the kind of person he is as well as your family as a whole. Thank you

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