Thad Matta’s wife Barbara Matta


  1. Jamilly

    If memory severs, Petrino didn’t even stay the whole season in the Falcons, showing that his entire career should be defined by bolting early for the next semi-promising opportunity. There is a huge problem with your definition as already shown though. The rumors about Bush arose well before Carroll left for Seattle, and going pro (even to a struggling franchise) is hardly a lateral move. Williams-already established he is not a jerk. Donovan may not be so much of a jerk as he is indecisive. I can imagine it would be extremely difficult to make such a decision so obviously things must have really not felt right once he got to the Magic. Huggins is almost the same boat as Williams (except the whole drinking record thing). WVU is his alma mater and obviously a place he where he would love to coach.And you should pretty much erase Schnellenberger from the list. He took on Miami when it was struggling. He later led them to a national championship, hardly leaving them in a lurch. He moved on because his coaching career has been defined by building programs (like he did at Louisville, Miami, and now FAU).But you are correct, coaches are jerks. Saban and Petrino stand as shining examples of that and you can’t really take them at their word when these offers come up.

  2. Terance

    She a great woman, and does alot of work around the community. I have meet her a couple times serving her family ice everytime she comes in she tells me I use to work at one of these stores. Not Going to say where at but she knows. Like I said great women with a smile that will light up the room. And her room she did for Children’s Hospital in Columbus my girlfriend said it is wonderful, she is a students nurse there. But that’s all I gotta say.

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