Steve Sarkisian’s wife Stephanie Sarkisian

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  1. Anna Kazarian

    Hello Stephanie, I want to first say congratulations to your family on joining the USC family. I am reaching out to you as a mother. My son was being recruited by Coach O before the change and now nobody is answering my emails. My son has worked hard since a young boy. I know every mother praises their child but my son will do things sometimes to even make me say wow. Not only is he a wonderful athlete but he is good kid. He has never been in trouble never done drugs and made it a point to stand up for kids that others are curl to. His dream since he was 7 years old was to go and play for USC. I am Armenian and was raised in Southern Ca. My husband wanted my son to apply to Washington because he said that your husband was the man to give credit to for all of USC’s victory in the past when Carol was coach. I am very happy that he is back but very unsure now of my son further because he is unknown to your husband. I would appreciated any help in passing along my sons informations that you maybe able to provide. Please send me an email and I can send you his film. If I don’t hear from you I understand and wish you and your family the very best. I know this is a long shoot I am just trying everything I can think of.
    Thank you,
    Anna Kazarian

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