Steve Prohm’s Wife Katie Prohm


  1. Prohm's Chapstick

    They have been together for a couple years. I am the famous ChapStick that has kept Steve’s lips from being dry before every kiss! ;)

  2. Anonymous

    She attended Calloway County High School and played basketball, no track and field. She was an amazing defensive player and helped lead Calloway to the state tournament in Lexington. Sweetest girl ever with a wonderful, very large family.

  3. Meghan

    Katie Ross was in my graduating class of 2004… and Anonymous above is correct… she was in Basketball, but I thought she did Track as well? Not sure on that. Have to look in the And she didn’t go to Murray High, she went to Calloway all her life, we were even in elementary school together. Typical Gossip Crap, never has facts right and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to Google someone, hell even Facebook them.

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