Rick Pitino’s wife Joanne Minardi (and his affair with Karen Cunigan Sypher)


  1. Mark Stephens

    The 15 seconds was not worth it we all have made mistakes and most
    Important they love one another and know the power of forgiveness


  2. Katrina komeski

    Leave the bum. Once a liar two timer, always a liar two timer! Take him for as much as you can!

  3. clarity

    Your “husband”(I use the term “husband” lightly) is a bully & a slut. He is the quintessential example of a bully & a slut. He’s married. He needs to beg GOD’s forgiveness far more than Karen. It’s terribly sad that he is a role model. What a poor reflection of society that he is so richly rewarded for his disgusting behavior. Males are obviously in desperate need of good men for role models. r. p. IS NOT a good role model. A good role model demonstrates, through actions, what it is to be a good husband, father, uncle, nephew, grandfather….

  4. casey sierhuis

    He was a great coach but a sleaze ball of a human being . How can his children have any respect for him . The love of money is the root of all evil . She should have left the bum . She obviously loves money too more than her self respect!

  5. Brock

    I miss Rick Pitino. I miss him bad. He did make bad decisions in his personal life but we all have. He was a ball coach, not a preacher/minister. I still can’t see the Louisville logo without wishing Pitino was still our coach. When the dollars dry up and recruits go elsewhere, we will wish we still had Rick.

  6. Ben Watts

    Everyone deserves a second chance! Leave the man alone! As for X and O’s he was and again will be the best coach in college basketball! But ,Coach Pitino, there are far more to coaching than X and O’s ! Get it right this time,Coach! Praying for you and your success!
    True Blue Wildcat fan!

  7. Ben Watts

    Everyone deserves a second chance! Leave the man and his family alone! Coach Pitino was and will be the best X and O’s coach in college basketball again! But,Coach, there are far more to coaching than X and O’s! Pray you get it right this time!

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