Nick Saban’s wife Terry Saban



    Yes, I so glad that u established a charity for ‘Nick’s Kids cuz they really
    need it. I graduated my MSU in 1972 with my husband, Gary.
    As a Nutritionist, RD/N, LD Florida I have experienced in 7 states
    how badly help is needed for these kids for mentorship, self-esteem,
    and education. I think u have incredible luck & hope that your charity
    serves it’s purpose well. I don’t know how marriages last (39 years
    but after 39 towns in 39 years married to a chemical engineer we still cheer for the Spartans!
    Kegleston RD, LD/, MS, MBA

  2. Richard and Peggy Scott

    My wife and I of 42 years still enjoy each others company as well! We met while attending technical school. I was drafted in Feb of 1971 and We married in June of 1971.

    We are so proud to have coach Saban as our head football coach at UA. Peggy and I can tell you are a big part of his success.

    We both come from a working class background and together we raised two girls and a boy. All three graduated from major collages. We raised our children to work hard, help and respect others.

    The oldest daughter graduated from the UA in business, and the Middle Child graduated from the UA in early childhood education. Our Son graduated from MSU in broadcast meteorology and is the chef meteorologist at WVUA in Tuscaloosa.

    Thank You and coach Saban for everything, and Roll Tide

    Richard & Peggy Scott

  3. Vicky Wallace

    Hi Mrs Saban,
    This is a little off the subject of what everyone else is talking about. As listed above my name is Vicky Wallace and I am Jerica Wallace mother. She speaks so highly of you and talks about how she use to help you when she worked at Chico’s. I am writing you because several problems has arose and she has gotten a little discouraged. Last year there was a glitch in the system at School and it erased hundreds of students grades out of the system. The students that were graduating they just gave them a grade but they made Jerica take the class over which was very unfair. Jerica was supposed to graduate this past May and one of her teachers didn’t turned in her work and when she tried to contact the Teacher she no longer worked for the School. Come to find out the Teacher ended up having a nervous breakdown and was committed into an institution. They are making Jerica take the class over and it is so unfair to my daughter. They are also making her PAY to take the class over. I am at my wits end. There are other teachers that told them Jerica was there everyday but they would not take their word. If possible will you please call Jerica and talk to her or tell us what we need to do. Jerica 213-0934 and my number is 492-4441.

    Thank You so much!

    Vicky Wallace

  4. Karen Bilotta Jones

    Terry, went to EFHS with you. Will be at the chickfila kickoff bowl next Sat. Would love to see you. Karen Bilotta Jones

  5. Jean Caddell

    Hi Terry,
    My girl friend said that I just look like you. She said that we were twins.
    Well….maybe? If you google my name and then do a search, you will see how
    I look. I am the first one of the group.
    I have done a lot of work with the Japanese-American Society in the Dallas
    Fort Worth area. This is the only reason that I can think about that my picture
    is with all of the other Jean Caddells.

    In friendship,
    Jean Caddell

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