Mike Gundy’s wife Kristen Gundy


  1. Darrin Sutton

    I WENT TO Del City in 82/85 but I worked in Midwest city and most of my friends were Mwc students. It is driveing nuts but I know I knew Mike some how and I belive you Kristen back then. You make a great couple.This is the year OSU wins it all. Best of luck

  2. Mike O'Neal

    Mike, I’m 72 years old, we lived in Midwest City in the late 70’s and early 80”s, live in Rockport, Tex. Now. Our son Shawn went to school with you. He lives in Dripping Springs now with his wife and 3 children. We are proud to have known you and the great life you have with Kristin and your sons. Would love to hear from you. Take care and Go Cowboys.

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