John Thompson III’s wife Monica Thompson

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  1. Jackie Patrick

    Dear Ms. Thompson,

    I recently learned of your creative efforts geared towards helping children of low income families in becoming exposed to better academics and social programs that often would not be available to them. I have a eleven year old daughter who is an honor roll student and has been involed in dance for the past several years. Although, I keep her very active in life, it pains me to my heart at times, that I am unable to send her to a good school where she could grow academically and study dance which is her hearts desire. In additional to studying dance, my daughter would like to attend college and become a pediatrician. Recently, an acquaintence of mine shared with me that you are affiliated or may be knowledgable of some organizations/programs that assist low income families. If you can you can offer any information that would point me in the direction that I am seeking, it would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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