Joe Paterno’s wife Sue Paterno


  1. Joe Bastardi

    Next to my mom, Sue is the most Saintly lady I have ever met. My wife was the former asst gymnastics coach here and got sick in 2000, and Sue’s comfort and help during that time was something that someone never forgets. Joe may have 409 wins, but his biggest win is even on that list and that is the day he married Sue.

    On a side note, this a great family and someone the Bastardi’s are better off for knowing

  2. Patricia

    Seems several were “asleep” at the wheel! Know it is not her burden, but if there was a meeting in Paterno’s home concerning Sandusky, I would hope that if I were in her “shoes” I would have a woman’s “Intuition” that something wasn’t right.

    Would hope that my Husband would confide with me if he was “Troubled” over something — be it small or large! Then I might give him my “2 cents” worth that just might lead to a different conclusion.

  3. jeanne eckman

    I am deeply saddened by what the Paterno family has had to endure. They are people of integrity. To say they covered something up (of this magnitude) is absurd.

    Perhaps the university should consider knocking down the library they built…….or pay back the millions they contributed. I am so angry !

    God Bless the Paterno family.

  4. PSU85

    I wish I could talk to or at least write a letter to his wife that she would see. I wish I could thank her for a lifetime of supporting that great man, tell her how I’m so sorry for her loss (having lost the love of my life also), and tell her not to worry, that over time this insane witch hunt will fade and her husband’s greatness and glory and the IMMENSE good that he did for this school will be what lasts and is remembered. Anyone who has a functioning brain knows he was thrown to the wolves so grossly unfairly to appease the torch-and-pitchfork jerks. Did he act perfectly? No – and wow it’s sure easy to say that in hindsight for all the obnoxious and self-righteous armchair quarterbacks, who disgust me to no end.

    So thank you for everything Mrs Paterno, may God keep you…..and THANK YOU JOEPA! All the good you did over SO many years WILL NOT be forgotten!

    FOR THE GLORY………..

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