Gregg Marshall’s wife Lynn Marshall


  1. Pam yates

    You seem like a wonderful caring person but your comment re your arm definition compared to KU guys was tacky… It was wonderful that you won but trash talking our guys doesn’t fall into the caring for the boys category folks say you fit into. I’ve taught high school for over 40 years and these kids are sensitive no matter what team they are on. Show some compassion.

  2. Steve Jenne

    Hi Lynn,
    Congratulations on another great season for Shocker basketball. “Once a Shocker, always a Shocker” is a truism for me, even though I root from the Chicago area. From my high school years chasing balls for Dave Stallworth at the roundhouse, thru my college years as a freshman bench rider for Ron Heller, to my years as equipment mgr. for Gary Thompson….Shocker basketball has been such a strong passion for me, as much as my love of competing for the Shockers’ mens golf team. Just got my “Shock the Hawk” tee shirt…so proud of our guys. Anyway, hope you and Gregg decide to stay in Wichita where basketball is king. Whether you stay in Wichita or decide to move… Happy!!! And, thanks again for all you and Gregg have done for the Shockers!!!

    Best wishes,
    Steve Jenne, PGA, WSU ’70

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