Christian McCaffrey’s girlfriend Marybeth Sant


  1. GuestStar

    “classic poster children of white American prom kings and queens?” Why does their race matter? Funny how this site doesn’t seem to notice the white girls hanging on the arms of African American athletes but makes it a point to highlight THIS all-white union…

  2. David

    I can’t believe this racist website actually wrote “The couple were the classic poster children of white American prom kings and queens back in high school. ” Shame on the bigots that stereotype our race!

  3. pscheck2

    with the ‘Leftnuts’ white america is a thorn in their side and they are doing their best to put it down! Notice everything in movies, TV and other venues at least one character has to be a minority (an extreme example of this was a TV series depicting the era of King Arthur, they had the Bishop as black! (I hardly think the Church even had a black priest much less a Bishop!)

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