Mike James’ wife Angela James


  1. Sherron

    Mike James acted like a real ass hole on the Supernanny. His family is a mess their is no common sense they have a pool with absolutely no safe guards at all. And there are four small kids. The mother doesn’t seem to be very bright and the house is decorated so tacky it could be mistaken for a circus…

  2. Angel

    I really don’t care what people think is wrong with the James family but I think they are nice people. I am a friend of one of their daughters and she seems nice enough. She is a blast to be around and she doesn’t brag about the house she lives in the kind of car her parents drove or even that her dad is a basketball player for the Chicago bulls. It doesn’t matter to get if people know all that stuff or not. She’s an all around awesome girl.

  3. Anthia

    The supernanny was a jerk. She is a know-it-all and did not respect the family. Especially to Mike. Just watched it in Australia. And felt for the guy, and the girls. Can’t stand Supernanny.

  4. Sam

    WOW What an Ass Mike was to super nanny geez! You asked her to come help you and then treat her like crap and treat her like she doesn’t know what she’s doing! She wasn’t telling you how to play BB, she was doing her job! Telling you how to be batter parents. There’s always room for improvement.

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