Gordon Hayward's girlfriend Kolbi Killingback

Gordon Hayward has launched himself on the national landscape with a more than solid sophomore season in Utah. Because of this, it would stand to reason that he'd have his choice of the hottest Mormon options in the greater Salt Lake area. However, like the nice looking kid he is, it appears Gordon Hayward's girlfriend Kolbi Killingback is staying around for a while, and that Hayward has no interest in checking out the local scenery.

The world first saw Kolbi at the 2010 draft though we had absolutely no idea who she was at the time. Before Gordon took the stage to put on his Jazz hat and shake hands with David Stern, he got up and celebrated with his friends and family, which also included a kiss with an attractive blonde. That blonde was Kolbi, who also happened to be fresh out of high school at the time. Kolbi is now a sophomore in college at Ball State University where she is studying social work. College took Kolbi only 90 minutes from home, where she attended high school in Brownsburg, IN.

While Kolbi and Gordon spend most of their time a couple time zones apart, Kolbi did debate the merits of going to Gordon's 2012 All Star Weekend, posing the nearly impossible to decide choice to her Twitter followers:

To go to All Star Weekend and fail a test or to miss All Star Weekend and probably still fail the test..?

From the looks of her Twitter feed, she did attend All Star Weekend, and the BBVA Rising Stars challenge. No word on how the test ended up for her.

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6 Responses to “Gordon Hayward's girlfriend Kolbi Killingback”

  1. Ashlee m

    It's good you went to the all star games to support Gordon :)

  2. Ernest M

    Gordon is the man

  3. Kaleena S.

    Super jealous of there relationship. She is a lucky girl to have him!

  4. Curtis Hayward

    Very nice pics guys

  5. 'Chelle

    Darling couple! Is that a hickey on Gordon's neck tonight (11/29/2013)?

  6. 'Chelle

    Darling couple!
    What is that on Gordon's neck tonight (11/29/2013)?