DeMar DeRozan’s girlfriend Kiara Morrison


  1. Anonymous

    It is nice to merry for money, since Demar Derozen is ugly as a door knob. lol. Its so obvious that she was thinking of her future, which i don’t blame her for. Derozen is overrated and i for one don’t see what the big fuss about him is about. i’m a raptor fan but not a Derozen fan. Ross over Derozen any day.

  2. PS

    You obviously aren’t a true Raptor fan nor did you pay attention during your high school English classes. If you’re following the play-offs, you’ll note that *DeRozan is a key player and on first string. Nowhere in the article does it state that *DeMar is married and he is not set to *marry Kiara anytime soon; they are still engaged. Let’s hope you have something else going for you because you certainly aren’t going to *marry for money. *LOL

  3. Anonymous

    Wow dude^ calm down. What’s with all the hate? It’s not always about looks and money. It plays a part for sure but it’s not always the whole story in a relationship.

  4. Ron

    Now that person that said about derozans girlfriend needs to be blocked out of this site people don’t need to say neg things these people are good people and a great couple hope they tie the not and you talk about looks where’s your looks got you no were now please stop this silly talk I hope to meet them one day and there baby girl you guys look like an awesome couple and very handsome and buityful couple and baby derozan so cute love you guys

  5. Non

    They met in high school idiot, demars friend or buddy introduced him to her cause she played basketball as well and they bonded… and they came to be she didnt come for the money, know your facts before you start calling dd out.

  6. Hammy

    First of all I knew DeMar personally and his Ex girlfriend who he was dating through at Compton highschool I won’t say her name for personal reasons but no one can say he’s engaged with Kiara for money that’s stupid he met her at USC while playing BASKETBALL FOR (USC)! They fell in love not because she was thinking of her future but There Future. You who consider to be A Raptor fan but not support your family Guy is sad. I’m a Lakers fan but thanks to Derozan the Raptors gain my love for them. Get your facts straight people! DeMar has always been Respectfull to everyone. So why not Respect him? Shouldn’t turn your back on a good person.

  7. Brandon j

    I’ve played with demar and knew kiara for years. Im also in the nba nowadays. Kiara is a top notch girl. I wish she chose me..

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