Stephon Marbury’s Wife LaTasha Marbury


  1. 4 real

    She’s a non factor. (Tasha)
    She’s being sued just
    like her husband. They are broke.
    She burned bridges just like Star Crazy !!!
    Tai is fronting too !!! Selling her home
    made jewelry .

  2. Anonymous

    Once these women go on these reality shows it tends to show the fact that they are irrelevant and trying to put their names back in people’s mouths. Tasha is a dummy if she thinks her husband is faithful to her. Then again…she probably could care less. She’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. kellyann G.

    Comment to the lauren B…you speak the truth nobody has the right to comment on no-one else relationship or live-style. some of y’all don even have a man can’t get a man much less a husband so leave the woman along she looks great and I love her fashion. Y’all need to get y’all selves together.

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