Stephon Marbury's Wife LaTasha Marbury

In light of the recent twitter war between Stephon Marbury and Michael Jordan, we thought it was high time we covered Stephon Marbury's wife.

Stephon Marbury met his future wife (her maiden name was LaTasha Rochelle Frieson) while they both attended Georgia Tech. The couple eventually married on Sept. 14, 2002 while Stephon played for the Phoenix Suns. The couple has two children of their own, Xaviera and Stephon, II. Stephon also reportedly has a daughter named Stephaine Marbury from a previous relationship.

Stephon Marbury's wife LaTasha Marbury remains in the good 'ole US of A while Stephon balls in China with the Foshan Dralions of the Chinese Basketball Association. In January of this year, Tasha Marbury celebrated her 35th birthday in grand fashion, as you can see from some of the photos. One of the people that Tasha celebrated with was Tai Eisley, wife of former NBA point guard Howard Eisley, who must have met when their husbands played together on the Suns in 2004. LaTasha Marbury and Tai Eisley opened a business on July 22, 2006 called Pepper Noodle Couture in Rye, NY. The goal, according to an article written about them in The Rye Record in 2006, was to make the store the "edgiest boys and girls' boutique, sizes 0 to 16, in all of Westchester". Considering Westchester, that's a pretty bold goal. Apparently too bold however, since the business has shuttered it's doors. Also according to the article, LaTasha and Tai also own a real estate investment firm called Ryse. No word on whether that is still in business, but somehow, we doubt it.

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  1. 4 real

    She's a non factor. (Tasha)
    She's being sued just
    like her husband. They are broke.
    She burned bridges just like Star Crazy !!!
    Tai is fronting too !!! Selling her home
    made jewelry .

  2. Kay

    From my understanding the bank
    is looking 4 both of them. No money !!

  3. GemStarr

    Ayooo She looks Bad for her Age... Wow she looks Old SMH!

  4. Anonymous

    Once these women go on these reality shows it tends to show the fact that they are irrelevant and trying to put their names back in people's mouths. Tasha is a dummy if she thinks her husband is faithful to her. Then again...she probably could care less. She's laughing all the way to the bank.

  5. kellyann G.

    Comment to the lauren B...you speak the truth nobody has the right to comment on no-one else relationship or live-style. some of y'all don even have a man can't get a man much less a husband so leave the woman along she looks great and I love her fashion. Y'all need to get y'all selves together.