Tony Parker’s wife Eva Longoria (Divorce Announced)
Brent Barry’s wife Erin Barry (Divorce Announced)


  1. Anonymous

    Why do all these women, have to expose themselves to get attention? I can’t see any man wanting to have a wife like that. Sad, they can’t remain respectable, at least for the sake of their husbands and children. How sad!

  2. Michelle Johnson

    When two people marry with intend on being as one, remember love birds this is through the good and bad times, for better or (and) worse,so try to work it out,my husband Oscar and I(Michelle) have been through it together, apart, and together again.If your good outweighs your not so good, that should tell you guys something. Women lister to your husbands, Husbands lister to your wives, it works both ways,and then unite mid-point, if for some reason you can’t do this, either seek professional help, still you need to make the choice, try to work it out when possible, remember you may see someone at a game or walking down the street, everything that appears good may not always be, two sides to everything, sometimes go with your heart, don’t think with your private parts, wrong answer.

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