Manu Ginobili’s wife Marianela Ginobili


  1. Anonymous

    I commend Manu’s wife for not being like all the other’s that like to expose their bodies. It seems that’s the only way they can attract attention from the public. My respect to you, Marianela. I’m sure Manu and the children are proud of you.

  2. Zolbayar

    Primarily I respect big players of San Antonio Spurs who Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker for their lives and playing in NBA. Furthermore I like to Manu. Because his life is unbelievable! I think he can play basketball very well. Also he has much knowledge of foreign speak. I don’t know his wife well, I think he and his wife are perfectly couple. They have twin boys. Everyone cannot be twin in the life. So Manu Ginobili is blessed by God.

  3. tom payne

    manu is the man and you and the family are with him all the way
    love his game and accomplishments – if u all ever come to indianapolis or louisville for the ky derby lets get together

    sincerely, tom payne

  4. amanda molina

    I agree with the other persons comment. Manu is very lucky to have a women that doesn’t have to expose her body for attention. Being a women these days can be very hard but women like her show what its like to be pure and true. Thank for eing a strong women

  5. virgilia

    Manu Ginobili is my favorite NBA player and I respect the entire Spurs organization. Marianela is a beautiful lady and appears to be a good wife and mother. Manu – one woman is enough for every man.

  6. John Molina

    Manu Ginoboli Is my favorite player much respect to this man. And seeing pictures of him and his wife they look like a great couple they are blessed cause not every couple gets to have twins like this couple. God bless the ginobili family

  7. Jimmy

    I am a lakers fan, but I think that when you acknowledge a players way off playing. You should appreciate the game more no matter what team you are routine for! But I really think that manu Ginoboli is a good player,and is bless with a beautiful family.

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