Kawhi Leonard’s girlfriend Kishele Shipley


  1. Momma T

    Cute….don’t think it will work……I have had my eye on this young man for my daughter for a while. We have strong values and she will not play house and will not take her Mind, Body, or Spirit for granted nor the man in her life. Texas native….get in touch Kawhi…..proud Mom……happily married for 20 years…..Momma T

  2. Mary Chrisman

    Does Kawhi do his own braids, maybe he does them himself, perhaps his lady friend or he might have his own hair dresser? His braids always look just perfect. He seems like such a sweet young man, would love to have him and his lady over to my home to visit. My grandson’s lady is a professional hair dresser, she would love to visit with him also to check out those braids. I hope somehow Kawhi gets this message along with my email address. Thanks!!!
    He has sure taken over for Tim – even before Tim retired.

  3. Rosie Rivera

    Awesome, Kawhi, that is what you are. Stay simple, unpretentious, uncocky, and “consider the ‘low class’ source” when someone says something about you. They will all be beneath you.

  4. Guest Star

    Seems like a decent-enough girl but man – I’d SWEAR NBA players have resurrected the ‘paper bag’ test. These dudes seem to scour the world looking for anyone who does not match their complexion…

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