Rajon Rondo’s girlfriend Ashley Bachelor


  1. fenny_08

    Rajon rondo.you’re so hot!!!!!!no wonder many girls wants to have you. and please stop hating ashley..it does’nt make any sense…GO RAJON RONDO.!!i love you.!!
    p.s maybe rajon rondo is not looking for a pretty body but a person with good heart.:)

  2. Daley

    For all the girls that are saying he shouldn’t be with his wife need to shut up she is amazing and so is he they are perfect but his gf/wife/spouse is so beautiful and people need stop rashing on her she is lucky but jealousy is ugly on all u girls I love rondo too but I am happy him and his girl are doing well

  3. sking

    We folks in Louisville are proud of Mr. Rondo. Good luck in the NBA. You represent our city well. Your personal life is none of our business.

  4. bdott

    wow….yep and he would want all of you females that talk act act illiterate and ridiculous, half yyall cant even spell, retards

  5. crisfe

    hi rondo, im your number one and avid fan from philippines, I admire you for your bieng handsome and humble, the way you moved inside the ring, i cant take my eyes in every details of your action, i really love the way you play, for me you are the best among the rest of all NBA stars, I love you rondo and im so sad that only in my dreams you can be mine,, But any way i remain happy whenever i saw you in the tv, but im hoping that i can see you in person too, want to hug and kiss you..Ive been praying for your quick recovery and hoping to see you soon again in the ring kicking and still the best player..I love you rajon rondo..

  6. Tabitha Cooper

    MuSt be nice Girl thts all i got to say.. U got u a gud one do him right get his swag. On that court togther he need u to rub him gud wit tht torn Acl, girl u got u One

  7. Lisana

    Your a lucky girl to have someone like Rondo. If you see this tell him that I’m his #1 fan. I’ll always be his #1 fan. Also I will do ANYTHING to meet him one day !

    p.s. – I live in New York soooo he should make that trip down to peekskill high school & ask for Lisana <33 … anyway 9.21^^

  8. Gabriela

    And this article just broke my heart in to gazillion pieces!But I’m wishing them happiness together! Oh Rajon, though you can never be mine (haha), you’ll always be my first NBA player love. I hate it when I was not able to meet you when you were here in the Philippines. By the way, your wife is beautiful and your daughter’s cute. God bless. #BleedGreen pa din!

  9. Beebah

    You all should know that whatever you have to say about his personal life doesn’t count, its his life, not yours, not “ours”, HIS!! Imagine people wishing they’d be divorced soon, smh for some humans mehn, I just hope she can ignore all these trash talks and not do something crazy to herself…and those people using this platform to diss white people just need to chill…the past should be the past…I’m black too btw, through and through and I love white people, black people, green people, whatever color you are so long as you were made by GOD!!! So…chill!!

  10. alisha bachelor

    I’m proud of you little Cuz.you have a beautiful family an at the end of the day. Everyone will have the opinion on things your beautiful always has been. May God keep blessing you and your family. Love you

  11. Gin gin

    Rondo keep your head up if she supports you when times are hard. She’s a keeper. You do you. SHES A CUTIE.

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