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Alex Len is one of the top projected picks for the 2013 NBA Draft, and while the basketball universe learns more about his abilities on the court, we're taking a look to what's happening for Len off the court. It appears that Alex Len's girlfriend Essence Townsend is right at the top of that list.

The seven foot tall Ukrainian, Len, played two years at the University of Maryland, where he met his fellow center for the women's basketball team, Essence Townsend. Townsend, who hails from Patterson, New Jersey ("Here comes the story of the Hurricane,...."), is a senior at UMD. At 6'7" tall, Townsend was one of the only women on Maryland campus who could stay in the frame of a picture taken with Len, so their relationship was a natural fit. While her senior season was cut short by a torn ACL during the preseason, Townsend was a four year varsity athlete. Townsend left Maryland this spring with a degree in family science, which she will continue with graduate education in the fall.

However, it remains to be seen where her graduate school will be, as she may be travelling with her boyfriend Alex Len. Len is projected to go anywhere from Cleveland at 1, all the way down to Portland at 10 and anywhere in between. We'll keep an eye out on the draft Thursday night, as Len was in the first batch of 10 invites to attend the draft from the green room. If he accepts, you can bet that Alex Len's girlfriend Essence Townsend will be right there to cheer him on.

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