Nerlens Noel’s Girlfriend Jordan Walsh


  1. Jon

    If Nerlens is 6’11” it means he is 83-inches tall. Sounds like 83 is also his IQ. This boy is a major league dumbshit

  2. Gene

    He is also less than 21 years old… Should have done the DNA, but trust him to do the right thing if the baby is his…

  3. Beach Bum

    Is there NO ONE in these guys’ lives to provide guidance and education regarding the ways of the world? An out-of-wedlock kid as an NBA rookie? Good grief. $10k/mo – DOUBLE ‘good grief.’ Raw-dogging these chicks…these guys are crazy. And this ‘Jordan’ creature will allow NN to jump from the frying pan right into the friggin’ fire…

  4. ralph walsh

    I’m not a racist at all I think all races are beautiful…but shot out to only a handful of African American athletes that actually kept it real and stayed with a black woman….im seeing alot of these cats marrying outside their race and its pretty disturbing…these women wouldn’t give them the time of day if they wasn’t playing in the NBA….ijs

  5. abby charlatan

    I can confirm that nerlens noel and jordan walsh are not dating. she’s the biggest hoe out there, just someone to mess around with. and she’s known for using people for money.

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