Serge Ibaka’s girlfriend Keri Hilson


  1. jodiejo

    Hmmm, I liked his old gf on this site, but this is a good choice. I like her music and approve as long as she does not chew him up with her young moolah baby bs

  2. Anonymous

    good catch keri! hope it works, but i have to admit that they’ll be cool as a celebrity couple. the hottest chick in the game and the cutest player in the nba.

  3. Bebe

    She has recently been seen in Oklahoma and there will be a Keri Hilson Birthday Bash in Oklahoma after the Thunder vs. Laker game! Hmmmmm

  4. Lincoln

    Kevin Durrant is dating LeToya Luckett.

    LOL @ Keri being the “hottest chick in the game”.

    I fnd this pairing funny as Keri has said she would NEVER date a rapper or athlete. But since her career is toast, I guess she gotta get publicity some how.

  5. myra brooks

    keri hilson you my girl been my girl in ibaka is one of my best boys on the thunder team so good luck in get yall shine on why i sit back in watch yall work lets get it ayyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  6. sistah afreekah

    let me tell you you have the congo God. you have to be a decent empress and keep your body covered. you have to get rid of you pagan ways. he doesnt need the negative baggage that comes with your type. clean out your heart and get a pure pretending this is a good youth he is key to the God of basketball sucess. he needs an empress royal and divine who is going to keep up the tradition on his ancestors.

  7. tsimba silver

    Kerry hilsons u look beautiful and ur man is beautiful I love ur couple, am from congo brazaville born in paris and grow up in new York city, as an entrepreneur I live in cape town, leading my business.u look amazing,splondid woman, wonderful, mon frero ibaka got a nice one and I think u start to learn some munokotoba or kikongo and lingala. ibaka is the best and we all support yo and luv hime

  8. Guest Star

    James Harden is out of control. Good grief…

    Keri’s cute and Ibaka is a modern-day Hercules, so together they make quite a pair. Hope they go all the way. Smart, athletic AND talented kids? It’d be like a tribe of Paul Robesons!

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