Scott Brooks’ Wife Sherry Silvey Brooks


  1. josh cusano

    Hi I just wanted to say how much I respect and admire your husband..He is a great coach and i hsave followed him through the years.. He is a big inspiration to me and a very well respected man.. Do you both ever come to Florida for vacation.. would love to meet him and take a picture that is my dream…Hope to hear from you.. Go Thunder…

  2. Kay L.

    Just returned from San Francisco. Limo driver to airport was named Jet, who graduated from Lathrop Hi. Said to tell Scott that he owes him a pair of shorts and a jersey, preferably Thunder. Said that he and Scott were best friends in hi school.

  3. Bob Knight

    Hey, tell Scotty to have Westbrook pass the ball to Durant more often. KD is the NBAs leading scorer for Gosh Sakes, and gets less shots per game that Westbrook does. WTH? (just a thought)

  4. e brooks

    You got it wrong..Scott went to East Union High…Manteca California. Not Monterey. Monterey is on the Coast and Manteca is in the Central Valley.
    East Union alumni……Go Lancers!!!

  5. M. French

    Hey Sherry, I didn’t know how else to find ya. I was just looking at the photo album from your wedding. I’d love to catch up with you if you have time. Hope all is well! Take care, M.

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