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Kevin Durant's girlfriend (?) Letoya Luckett

UPDATE: 07-08-2013: Who knows if Kevin Durant's girlfriend was ever Letoya Luckett, but we can tell you definitively that Kevin Durant's fiance is Monica Wright. Wright confirmed after her game last night that Durant proposed to her recently and that the pair is engaged.

Man, what a difference a year makes.

It was just over a year ago that we wrote a long opinion piece on the Oklahoma City Thunder's surprising rise in the Western Conference, and wondered how much of an impact a team of young Thunder players without girlfriends bonding off the court made an impact off the court. Well,... I think our theory was wrong.

In the past 14 months, it appears the young Thunder have all grown up, as they all seem to have grown off the court. We've seen James Harden attached to rapper Trina, we've learned about Serge Ibaka's past fling off the court, we found out that Nick Collison got married, and most recently heard that Russell Westbrook is dating a girl from UCLA. All the while their best player and leader Kevin Durant has kept his romantic life out of the public eye and left us all assuming he was a single kid loving life as one of the top 2 or 3 players in the entire Association. KD has stayed off the radar, and if it were not for one of the most incredibly astute readers we've ever seen, the riddle of Who is Kevin Durant's girlfriend may have never been solved.

Chelsea from Ohio University has figured it all out. In a detailed observation of his Twitter account, she remembered that a few months ago, a fan asked Kevin which celebrity he date if ever presented the chance. He offhandedly mentioned Letoya Luckett of Destiny's Child fame(A quick bio on Luckett: She is best known for her work in Destiny's Child, but has also done quite a bit of solo work on her own. She has delved into acting a little bit, though nothing of major national prominence.). Later, after Durant and his Thunder teammates advanced to the NBA Finals, Luckett tweeted congratulations to the Thunder for conquering the Western Conference. After the Finals, on June 24, 2012, Luckett tweeted that she headed for Washington DC, which also just so happens to be Kevin Durant's hometown where he was also landing on the same day.

Advance two days and on June 26, 2012, Luckett tweeted pictures of her being at the Martin Luther King meorial in DC. That day, a fan posted a picture on Twitter of his wife posing with Durant at the MLK memorial (the fan's wife and KD to be precise.

She also points out that the two have frequently liked one anothers pictures on Instagram. We rarely hand over the reins, but in this case, our sleuthing reader surmised it best: Coincidence? I think not. To be fair, yes it may very well be coincidence, but man, there's a hell of a lot of coincidences going on here. This is all circumstantial, and it's unlikely that the squeaky clean Durant would ever publicly announce a girlfriend unless it was incredibly serious. If that ever does happen, we'll be sure to keep you posted

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    is that true??:(

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    Hey,do you really like him?

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    It's true they were in Vegas together.

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    Yea... Do they date?

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    kevin durant is my biggest fan and russell westbrook to i love u guys muahhhhhhh muahhhhhhh.and kevin i cant believe that u are auctually dating that girl.lol.anyway kisses to kd bye

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    Is Kevin Durant is gonna merry or he is married ?

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    His girlfriend is Cara Shelton she and works at coyote ugly in OKC (Brick town). This is fact!!!!!!!!!

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    U guys should just leave the guy alone y don't u just let him live his life and u live your own ( if u have one) KD can do eat he wants when he wants! Luv for Oklahoma Thunder!!!!!! :p

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    So u actually have a relationship i thought he was gay

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    so sad to know that they are dating!! it's hurt co'c i love kevin durant so much hihihi

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    i love kevin durant he is fine

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    i know you that you got kevin durant i wish that i had him because he is so damn fine

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    kevin durant is my biggest fan i love him so much

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    I love Kevin Durant! I'm glad you all dat pretty couple. I play basketball and I look up too Kevin Durant he is my role model!

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    I lyk kd a lot.if u're hs gf jus make hm hppy for me pliz.

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    I wish I was his girlfriend...he is cute and he got money that a good catch.

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    The word is Memorial. Spell check is writing 101.

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    what yall looser

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    I love Kevin Durant !!! Can't wait to marry him!!! Lol

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    Why don't people stay out of his businesses and let him play ball.go K.D I love you got to say you are best all time best player....

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    thats hot lets go thunder all thh way.

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    This can't be true ! I'm in-love him Kevin Durant ! ):

  25. MD Walton

    The marriage and dating relationships might last longer if players look to finding "just nice, down to earth working women," who want to be good wives and mothers, not "rich divorcees."

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    I hope y'all enjoy each other ... I love it when it's true love ...! Tht honeymoon period is the best time in a relationship ... It's like walking on clouds and hot coals but u never mind the deffence .... Stay in love and watch out for those haters tht eat at your table ....!

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    Some of you need to proof read your comments and get with spell check.

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    My guy kd got a fine one on god