Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend Ashley Champ


  1. Guest Star

    “Puffed-up descriptions” is right. Guess she wants folks to see her as just another pretty face/gold digger, though her descriptions hardly throw folks off her scent. Substantial accomplishments beget substantive descriptions…

  2. KDue247

    After being curious about who KD dates, I stumbled across this article and went to check out Ashley’s personal site. I have to say something now. Was this really the best write up you guys could make about the girl? Pretty harsh. Needless to say it seems she must’ve read this page because she now has gone into further detail. Gave the company she works for and everything and oddly enough the company does exactly what you’re on here mocking her for saying. lol. Looks like she doesnt need to write a fiction novel. It’s her reality. But you guys do need to get a better journalist to do further research before bashing a woman that actually gives back to the community. Sounds to me like the writer of this article was upset that they werent provided a social security number to do a background check on the girl. Or better yet that they’re upset that instead of giving back to people’s health, they spend their time bashing people for a living. Sad world we live in! Kudos to you Ashley! Keep pressing on despite the haters!

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