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  1. Mrs.Williams

    My hat if off to you Mr.and Mrs.Perkins. I am so happy to see a talented black pro athlete with a sista. I am so sick and tired of seeing our wealthy and atletic black men marry outside their race. When they were nobodies broke and just black the white girls did’t pay them any attention. When they become stars then they have their claws out. It just makes ne sick.

  2. Jeff

    Wow you gotta be kidding me. I love Perk. He’s the man. Aside from that, “mrs. williams”, you’re obsessed with race. some would even call you racist for that.. but god forbid a black person be called a racist. It’s time we all be more color-blind. Perk is the best celtic.. most humble guy on the court.

  3. Fat Lever

    Mrs. Williams is indeed a racist. Its as though black women like her want men to date them out of obligation or pitty.

  4. Ant

    Mrs.Williams, sista to sista, you are out of order!
    Maybe more black women should take a page out of the brotha’s book and start dating outside of their race, you just might like what you see and get.

  5. Reese

    Finally someone with a “real” woman as a wife. Enough with all these barbie dolls. Real women don’t look like that. Good job Kendrick.

  6. Raven

    Of course Mrs. Williams is not alone. There are plenty of black women that still waste their time on stuff likes this! Get over it! Everyone is free to date who they want. And let’s be real, Kendrick Perkins can’t exactly have whoever.

  7. star


  8. Danysha

    Mrs.williams u bitch suck on a big dick dont get mad hoe becuse u want some one to date r u white because if u r then let me try and be racist fuck u white trash.

  9. Sara

    The world needs to stop being so racist and get over it, it’s not 1960 anymore. Any race should be allowed to date any other race. It should be about love. Everyone needs to grow up and get over it.

  10. rajon fan

    I agree with you mrs. williams and congrats I love his wife she is so beautiful and a normal woman not a model type or anything. Good job perkins you have a real black queen!

  11. stophatin'

    All I’m going to say is that if you’re still worried about race of who SOMEONE ELSE is marrying (or who is with), you have the wrong priorities…maybe you should focus on your own marriage/relationship or yourself…just saying…being of the same demographic doesn’t grant you a free pass, it only shows you that you have something visually (and maybe culturally) in common. Lots of things are “mixed” and are just fine, like the fruit punch juice you have seen in the fridge at some point. If Jesus came back right now, he’s slap the heck outta people for hating on race, haha

  12. KR


  13. Lakers!

    Recently, Kendra made a comment about Phil, Pau, and,
    Kobe. Is the dumb ass on drugs? Is he a superstar? Sounds
    Like a super idiot! Speaks like one too! Ever hear him talk?

    Well, fat boy! We surely didnt see u in game 7 did we? N
    The celtics didn’t think much of u as they sent ur sorry ass
    To OK!

    Before u make a comment about being soft
    Look in the mirror at ur lard ass!

  14. thinds

    Listen jerkoff. Kendrick Perkins is the hardest working motherfucker in the league. Christ he came back from a shredded knee after that dirty cheap shot artist Bynum jumped on him to pull him down from a rebound. Perk is a fucking animal… dude is ripped. You can call him a lot of things, but fat isn’t one of them anymore.

    Yes, I’m sensitive about Perk.

  15. Brenda

    I am very happy for Mr & Mrs Perkins, he has proved to be a real gentlemen and a man, not a pair of pants, Ms. Williams is telling the truth, people tend to over look the facts of life, i don’t care who likes it or not. If a woman was with you when you had nothing ok, but if they only look at you because you have money, she is a gold digger. Hopefully our Black Professional Athletes will open their eyes and see it for what it is. Nobody is looking for a pity party, we black weomen have always been heads of the family since slavery, so fuck all you mother fuckers who feel you are privileged because you are white, you cave bitches have been stealing since the beginning of time, you were taught that by your lying,stealing,rapeing race and you think it is ok to do so, your men did everthing they could to keep you away from black men, but you were still slipping and fucking them anyway back in slavery time, just could not live without it until you got caught and then you scream i was raped bitch.

  16. BigRed

    Oh man, that is FIVE STARS Brenda, seriously. Possibly the best comment on our site ever, that is amazing. Sometimes I lose my faith in humanity, but you have restored it. I am going to refer to all my white female friends as “cave bitches” from now on. Amazing.

  17. Brenda

    The Wedding Pictures were beautiful, This just goes to show you that not all Professional Basketball Players are afraid of commitment. Ladies their are still some good men out their.

  18. celtics

    Its pitiful to see how degrading some of you sound like. Educate yourself ad think before speaking and writing, because it is only a reflection on you. If you have a job and you sound like that, you need to get fired, we have enough parasites and incompetent people in this world already. Let me make it clear, this has nothing to do with race, but with the hideous comments made that sound so racist. People education is key, you can start by reading.

    Perks, I wish you a happy marriage, and hope God may give more blessings in your future.

  19. NW Lady

    And Mr. Perkins was just trying to take me out to dinner. I didn’t know he was married until I googled it. :(

  20. TCMas49

    All I can say to Ms Williams and Brenda above, is “tell it girls!!” Many “sistas’ worldwide feel the same way you do.

  21. The truth

    Lol. I gues n*****s will be n*****s. this is why people laugh at you. Look at what you wrote mrs. Williams. Those who support you are fucking idiots. Dumb f***s. people aren’t normally racist. Thanks to morons like yourself I know am. Ihave good African American friends. But fuck you make yourself sound like an uneducated ni****s. so please stop acting crazy in public, letting your kids run around like wild animals, and most important GET A JOB AND PAY YOUR BILLS. Fuck.

  22. Brit

    Wow the comments on here! I know both of them personally and they have been together since high school before the fame and money. It’s sad that some black females have soo much hate towards white woman with blacks! I’m black I don’t give a damn what color you are as long as you make me happy! True Love don’t see money or color! So please stop making y’all self sound do ignorant, at the the end of the day perk and van are happy and could care less what anybody think.

  23. Real Bitch

    Fuck all u white cunts taking our men and talking shit on here! Suck a dick u scum bitches that just want to get their fuckin money! Thats good for these niggas that go through the Tiger Woods and OJ shit! Keep dating these white hoes dumb mother fuckers! suck and choke on a dick u cracker bitches!

  24. Yvonne

    I don’t know what you talking about because I think Kendrick Perkings can have
    just about anybody. Mrs. Vanity Perkins is a very lucky woman.

  25. #1Perk

    Haha! All of these negro bitches that hate on a white girl who can lock down a gorgeous black man got me rolllllling! You dumb hoodrats, they get with us because its easier than putting up with your dramatic, over the top, ridiculousness. Not to mention my hair is real, my skin doesn’t get gross and ashed up nor do I leave grease spots where ever I put my head. Face it, when it comes to a black girl vs a white girl at least you know mayyyybe the only thing fake is her tits, not her hair AND whole façade. Get back in the field bitch, its all you’re good for.

  26. Lala

    Its so funny how black women are the biggest haters and first to scream about something vein racist when they themselves are out of control racists. I personally don’t care who someone dates or marries. But anytime you see a black man with a hispanic or white girl, black girls be coming out of the nowhere goin crazy making the most racist comments someone will ever hear. So to those racist black women- Stop fuckin hating on white and hispanic girls. Its not our fault that SOME (not all) black men prefer light skinned or white girls. You can’t help who your attracted to.

    To Brenda and all her fans- White women lie and steal to get what we want?? Lmaoo I think you got it twisted every black female I ever met has sadly always wanted government assistance, free food, extra points on standardized or city tests, etc. Every employer is scared to speak or fire them because we all know the black lady gonna play the race card and sue because they’d rather sit around and get free money.
    Its not called crying rape its called being raped. Look at any statistic from any city, the highest amount of rapes are by black men against white women. Maybe cause their “strong”black single mamas don’t know how to raise your sons. A rape is a rape and every single rape gets tested by a doctor for evidence and then it is determined if there is enough physical trauma to be a rape. So instead of hating on who YOUR MEN are attracted to, start worrying about who YOU attracted to maybe then you can find someone who will stay with you
    There is so much more I could go on about with (some) black women. The kind that raise generations and generations of single mother families in the projects. That have barely ever worked a day in their life but by the time they 22 they have 2-3 different baby daddys. Its sickening. It called using the free education you get to get yourself outta the fuckin projects, stop have unprotected sex with anybody that wants to, and get a fuckin job.
    I know that there are so many black females that are not like that and i really am sorry if this offends you but for once someone gotta fuckin say the truth about y’all fake hair, fat, ugly, ashy bitches
    – Lala (btw im a white/brazilian/puerto rican 23 yr old college graduate from NY so fuck y’all who gonna say oh she a down south ugly trailer bitch etc etc cause I’m not :) )

  27. Jennifer

    Lala, the women you described can be anyone there are white women, black women and hispanics (puerto ricans) who are on welfare, food stamps, drug addicts, prostitues, have many baby daddys etc. I work in an industry where I see those project women, single mothers and it surely isn’t exclusive for black women. Its funny you claim to be mixed race, I see so many children of mixed race in foster care, abused and unwanted and quess what they are left there by WHITE women for the majority. I am so sorry you have such a bad view of black women. I am inteligent enough to know there are sorry, damaged women in all races. We are of the human race first. And yes I am African-American who happens to have a medical degree, in my second year of residency, and I know a lot of AA women like me. Educated, beautiful married and who can care less if black man prefers other races of women.

  28. Lala

    Of corse they can be anyone, I am not denying that welfare is used by all types of people. I can’t help but notice you didn’t really address what I mentioned in my post. I was addressing another person’s comment, which you should most definitely take a look at so you can seek the type of black women I was talking about. And there are most definitely white and pr women that are like that black women I described, especially up in the Bronx. I know plenty of females (of all races) that are like yourself, educated, married etc. of all races. Although it may seem like it, I am not against every black woman nor do I have a negative view of all black women, just a certain type of black women. And to say that that type is NOT extremely prevalent (more than any other race) is completely untrue. Ive been to too many projects, too many bad neighborhoods, and too many schools to know that the type of female I described definitely exists exactly as I described. Maybe where you live the foster system is like that, but here in NY it isn’t. Most of the children in the foster system are children that are not “given up” by their mothers, but taken away because they are unfit parents. And most (NOT ALL) of these parents are black females.This is what I have seen working in the school system here for 4 years. So just like you are telling it like you see it, Im telling it how I see it and what I have seen growing up.

  29. Misty

    Most of them are married to BLACK WOMEN about 98% of Black NBA players are married to Black women so chill and figure it out Mrs Williams.
    You feed what the media has always told you and showed you, guess what they lied to you

  30. Jamie

    Well he just tried taking me out too….met him at sky bar i okc!! Its a Damn shame my homegirl holdme to look him up!!!! And Im WHITE!!! JUST FOR THE RECORD!!

  31. blackbutterfly

    LaLa are u serious. How old are you. You have taken a comment from some1 and did a horrible research paper on BLACK WOMEN. Just a little insight on your comment and your silly statistics….There are more hispanic women in the USA on welfare than there are blacks and there are alot of white women too who use the system. And contrary to what you said there are alot of BLACK mothers who work as well as get foodstamps. Your comment was not only stupid but unethical and unrearched and for the DAMN RECORD I DONT KNOW WHERE YOU GOT YOUR STATISTICS FROM BUT AINT NO CITY GOT THE HIGHEST RATE FOR BLACK MEN RAPING WHITE WOMEN CAUSE IF THAT WAS THE CASE YALL WHITE WOMEN WOULDN B THERE LETS GET SERIOUS NOW AND ALOT OF THE WHITE WOMEN RAPE CASES GET THROWED OUT PAST AND PRESENT BCUZ IT WAS SUM BLACK MAN THEY WILLINGLY GAVE UP TO AND SUM1 FOUND OUT. AND JUST AT LEAST BLACK WOMEN HAVE ENOUGH FOR THEIR CHILDREN TO GO GET ON WELFARE TO FEED THEM INSTEAD OF DRIVING THE KIDS INTO THE RIVER OR THROWING THEIR BODY IN THE TRUCK OF THE CAR AFTER KILLING THEM OR HELL EVEN DROWNING THEM IN THE TUB JUS CANT THEY DONT WANNA B A MOTHER ANYMORE. SIT YA ASS DOWN AND STOP JUDGING ALL BLACK WOMEN CUZ 1 PERSON MADE A COMMENT U DUMMY

  32. Molly

    Mrs Williams PS. Most of these dudes are with Black women. I’m work use to work at Madison Square Gardens. I’ve seen a lot of wives and girlfriends and they are Black. Although more than half of the GROUPIES are white. I think people confuse Groupie with Girlfriend

  33. Veronica

    Ms. Williams is not a racist and I agree with her. Nobody respects these fake black and white couples it makes most people sick. Its only non black gold diggers hoes like you and black men that r hungry for white pussy talking shit on here. Dumb ass black men being used for your pockets if you knew your history and your self-a-steam wasn’t so dam low you would love and respect yourself enough to love and respect your own women. A black women bore bread and raised that black man remember that so have some respect. Black men look how u have these Spanish an white bitches thinking there better than us disrespecting us in your name wow catch that dirt….

  34. Veronica

    That comment went to those white and Spanish hoes talking shit and don’t no what the fuck they speaking on, you too hungry for white pussy dumb black men. Kendrick made the best decision of his life by loving and marrying his own black woman. A man is the strength of there race, a race cant survive with the man, he just helped strengthen and carry on his race with this union of love and family.

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