07/23/13 (Updated)

Jason Kidd's wife Porschla Coleman

After years of dating, and a child together, Jason Kidd married Porschla Coleman on September 10, 2011. News of the wedding broke when Kidd began tweeting about it, posting pictures of the pre-ceremony events and what appears to be the couple standing on the altar immediately after tying the knot.

The couple has one child together, a son, born in January, 2010. Kidd also has three children from his previous marriage to Joumana Kidd. Jason and Joumana Kidd were divorced in 2007 after both parties separately filed for divorce, citing a littany of problems including physical and emotional abuse on both ends.

Porschla Coleman is a former model who has previously been romantically linked to Russell Simmons. She now oversees the Jason Kidd Foundation. This charity was founded by Kidd when he reached the NBA in 1996 and works to provide assistance to various youth charities in the community.

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4 Responses to “Jason Kidd's wife Porschla Coleman”

  1. Jesse

    I wonder how many times Jason the wife beater has hit her.....

  2. Jan

    You'll soon find out, they are married now, she"ll stay for a few, then put him on blast.

  3. trish

    Here he is starting a new family, he forgets he has 3 other kids that were here first. Its nothing his new wife can do to change or keep a man. Oh u can try having triplets, but he has a son n (twins) daughters. Nothing good will happen to Jason Kidd if he continues to live this negatively. You see he had a kid n then married the want to be nba wife. It was a blessing Joumana is done with him. The kids r the ones hurting. Good luck porshia, you will have 3 kids n he will move on....


    STFU u dumbazz feminsts

    jason kid is a cool guy his dumbazz feminist ex wife set him up.

    kiddd definitely got an upgrade, this new girl is much more prettier.