Carmelo Anthony’s wife La La Anthony


  1. hazel mack

    sorry homeboy i am from east b-more, like i said i think kenyon martin girl is the hottest, but u doing ur thing with ms. thing so i aint mad at ya, thats just my opinion right. but lala is cute, and u know u is fine man, yall just dont look good 2gether, not 2 me, u look good with my daughter marquita, and by the way she says she knows u from b-more one of her male friends is an acquaintence of urs from home, i gonna leave that alone, but u will look good 4 her, ha ha mom tryin 2 hook a sista up, but melo i aint mad at ya just keep makin us here at home proud. babyboy keep ur head up. ms. mack /b-mores finest

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